Facebook Was Smart to Buy Instagram for $1 Billion

As a Silicon Valley-based company, we’re always interested in what our neighboring companies are doing. Of course we have some fun and interesting neighbors from Yahoo and Google to Apple and Facebook. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in these parts about Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram, the popular photo sharing app for iPhones (for a whoppin’ $1 BILLION!). Not only are both companies neighbors of ours, but YesVideo, arguably, is in a similar business to both Instagram and Facebook as we also enable sharing of video and photo content. We thought we’d share our thoughts on this latest development:

Instagram has 40 million users.
Facebook doesn’t need a single one of them.

Instagram has $0 revenue.
Facebook needs all the revenue it can get prior to its public offering.

Instragram has 13 employees.
Facebook needs hundreds of engineers.

Why the acquisition?

Clearly not for their users, revenue or army of employees. This was an acquisition about product features and serving the needs of existing FB members. Did you know that more than half Facebook’s active members (and we count ourselves among them) access FB via a mobile device? And, what do you think they do most: post pictures.



In walk’s Instagram, the mobile only service that allows you to easily share photos (and do a few other nifty things like post them to FB). Was Instagram really worth a billion dollars? Who knows, but Facebook is catering to the mobile-toting audience that is about to make them worth more than 100 billion dollars when they launch their initial public offering in May. They say a picture tells a thousand words, but sometimes it also equals a billion dollars.  Can video be far behind?

Proud Mom Moment – Wordless Wednesday

We are featuring a proud mom moment shared by Dwan from MommaDJane, this week.  Her daughter competed in the National Drill Competition with her school’s Junior Cadet Corps as a Commander and did wonderful.

Share your Wordless Wednesday photos with us for a chance to be featured here next week.


How to Capture Natural Smiles From Your Kids

All five of my kids have beautiful smiles. I love seeing them look up at me with sly grins and full-teeth, cheek-to-cheek smiles. They always warm my heart.

Why, then, do I so often end up deleting pictures of my precious children? Most often it’s because of their facial expressions. Sometimes they won’t smile at all for the camera, and other times they smile a little too much.

As much as I love to take pictures, I regularly complain that my kids are my most difficult subjects.

Through trial and error and lots of practice, I’ve learned a few tricks to capturing the happy shots that you will want to remember forever.

How to capture natural smiles

  • Talk to your subject and make them feel at ease. Tell a story. Make them laugh.
  • Nothing is worse for a smile than trying to hold it for several minutes. When I am taking someone’s picture, I often tell them to look down or away briefly and relax their face. Whenever they (and the camera) are ready, I tell them to count to 3 and look toward me, smiling. Ta-Dah! The smile is fresh and natural!
  • When photographing kids, let them hold something–whether it be a treasured stuffed animal or a simple rock from the ground. Keeping their hands busy seems to settle and focus kids.
  • Have a stubborn kid? Try to sneak in some candid shots. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful smiling pictures are, even when your subject is not looking at the camera.
  • And the last tip? Tell your subject NOT to smile. It works almost every time.

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Spring Time Memories – Wordless Wednesday

This week we are featuring an adorable photo from Lolli over at Better in Bulk.  We love how all the kids are lined up prepared to pose for a photo except the little one.  When you see a photo like this, you can’t help but smile.

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Mother’s Day Photo Contest

In honor of Mother's Day we are hosting a photo contest for a chance to win a $100 transfer service gift certificate.

Do you have that one childhood memory you shared with your mom in the forefront of your mind that you'll never forget?  How about a timeless photo of you with your mom from when you were little?  What about your best photo taken with your own children, showcasing yourself as a mother?  Share your favorite mom photo with us for a chance to win a $100 transfer service by YesVideoPreserve your memories by transferring them to DVD today.

It's simple to enter. 

Visit the YesVideo Facebook Page, enter your contact information and upload your favorite photo of mom.  It's that easy.  On May 7, 2012 we will select a random winner.  The gift certificate will be awarded to one winner via email.  You can use the gift certificate for yourself on your own transfer service or give it as an unique Mother's Day gift.

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift to give the woman that has everything?  Preserve her memories today!  Deadline for all orders to be received by Mother's Day is April 23, 2012 and for rushed orders media must be received by YesVideo on May 1st.  Gift Certificates are available for purchase.


Capturing Memories Worth a Thousand Words – Wordless Wednesday

Here at YesVideo we are all about preserving memories.  In order to preserve those memories for future generations we challenge you to go out and capture at least one photo each week to share.  Every Wednesday we will take part in the blog meme known as Wordless Wednesday.  We invite you to linkup your blog posts spotlighting your photo worth a thousand words.

Each week we will feature a different Wordless Wednesday photo shared from the previous week.

Today we are featuring a photo shared by blogger, Shana Dieli from Shanamama on our Facebook page last week.

We also love pinning all the Wordless Wednesday posts on our Pinterest board, Blogger Community.  Come over and check it out!
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Seven Years Equals 2557 Consecutive Photos

My very first Photo-A-Day Photo.

We all know that photos can evoke memories. So do you know what happened on April 5, 2006 or October 24, 2008? I do, I can go straight back to any day in the past seven years and find a photo that will remind me of what happened that day. I've been taking one photo every single day for seven consecutive years. I started the project on my thirty-first birthday back in 2005 and haven't missed a day since.

Taking a photo every day has allowed me to take amazing photos, terrible photos, experimental photos, sentimental photos and fun photos. However, no matter the photo I have 2557 memories to look back on.

How do you get to 2557 photos in the same amount of days?

  • Always have a camera
  • If you see it shoot it
  • Tomorrow you can take a great photo
  • Find a place to post the photos
  • Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Just a few of the cameras I've used in seven years.

Always have a camera

I used to travel and for seven years I flew all around the country and overseas. The first day at the job a co-worker told me, “Always have a camera with you because no matter where you go there is something to see.” I took that to heart and carried a camera with me everywhere. This was well before cell phone cameras were as prevalent as they are now. I had a Sanyo C4 and it could not only shoot photos but take video too. This was, again, before most cameras also shot video as well. I took about 7000 photos on that camera and hours of video, so much that I destroyed that camera. But the camera was with me all the time.

A special moment between cows.

If you see it, Shoot it

This is a big one because if you see something that you think, “that would make a great photo, I'll come back and shoot it.” Guess what, you will never go back and take that shot or if you go back you will not see what you originally saw. This one has been a source of frustration for me. It also ties in to tip number one because unless you have a camera on you all the time you can't catch that great shot.

This photo sparked one of my most successful blog posts ever.

Tomorrow you can take a great photo

My personal rule was that I had to take a photo on the day, I didn't have to post it every day but I had to take the photo. Some days I had no inspiration so I didn't take a great photo. I told myself that tomorrow I would take a great photo so I trained myself to be on the lookout for photo opportunities. The more I trained my mind to think in terms of photos the more I would be able to frame a better shot and occasionally take that great shot. But also allow yourself to take a bad shot. Not every photo will be a good one.

Even if a photo isn't a great one it can still inspire greatness. The photo above sparked a great discussion on my blog and turned my blog into once being one of the top results of the search for “Fry Sauce”. To find out about that, search out “BenSpark Fry Sauce” to see what I did.

Put those photos on display

Find a place to post the photos

Over the past seven years I used many sites to host my photos. I've posted to Buzznet, Flickr, Picasa, Zooomr, Tumblr, Posterous, Facebook and ShutterCal. Each photo was also placed on my blog and from that photo I would write my days blog post. Sometimes the post would be about the photo. Sometimes the post would be about what happened that day. But having a place to post each day helped me keep to my goals.

The most recent place that I have been hosting my photos for posting to my blog has been Shuttercal. I love this site because it is set up specifically for people who take photos each and every day. I've only been posting to Shuttercal for the past three years. I can flip from month to month and see all the photos in one place.

One of my most favorite Halloween memories

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

If you are going to take a photo every day you have to just keep shooting. Shoot everything and anything. Just keep up on it and before you know it seven years have past but the memories will always be a photo away.


Welcome to YesVideo’s Blog

There’s a popular saying that memories last forever. And while that is true, they do tend to fade, just like those keepsake videos and photographs of family members, precious events, and times past.

Over the last 14 years YesVideo has been at the forefront of helping families keep those memories alive by transferring your video tapes, film reels and photos to digital format so they won’t deteriorate. We’ve become experts at preserving thousands of miles of footage for millions of families.

But that’s not enough.

In the span of a generation records and film were replaced by cassettes and VHS tapes, which were replaced by CDs and CD-ROMS, which were then replaced by digital DVDs and thumb drives, and will soon be obsolete, only to be replaced by the “cloud” where no physical device is required.

Here at YesVideo we believe that the format doesn’t matter—it never did—it’s all about those precious memories to share with friends and family.

Family movie night or vacation slide show evenings may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean the whole family can’t share in your movies, videos, slides, and photos. We want you to wrap them together in compelling ways and share them securely whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email or even on DVD.

You shouldn’t have to worry about deterioration or quality degradation. But, preserving your family history was only the first step.  More importantly, we hope you’ll get excited about creating new ways to share those memories and we want this blog to help you keep those moments alive.

Greg Ayres,
President & CEO

Greg Ayres, CEO

Greg Ayres, CEO