Birthday Party Fun – Wordless Wednesday

Birthday celebrations for two YesVideo team members.  Happy Birthday, Clara and Lisa!

This week we are featuring a photo from Our Full House.  With Memorial Day being this past Monday we thought the war re-enactment photo was a perfect fit.


Overcoming The Fear of Swimming

My daughter for many years had a deathly fear of getting her face wet. For me I could not understand this as I was always what I would call a guppy when I entered the water. Yet, for her she would hate to get her face wet in baths, or when we took her to the pool for swimming lessons or just to have fun as a family.

I would encourage her to try to put her face in the water to get her used to the water, but no go, she was having nothing of it. Instead she wanted to do everything her own way, not willing to jump in the water at the pool because of the possibility of her face getting splashed.

You might guess that I was getting a bit concerned and frustrated, because as a parent I know the importance of swimming and how getting in the water necessitates getting your face wet at some point. Swimming lesson after swimming lesson would go by with no results and though I did not want to show my frustration I am sure that it came off.

I would photograph and take video of her swimming attempts hoping to see success, but it was fleeting (yet I still persisted as a good father would). Last summer my mother moved into a new apartment complex that had a swimming pool and as the summer went on and my mom would take the girls over to her house more and more often, they would spend more and more time at the pool. I think my mom finally got to the point where she said sink or swim you will get in there and do something. This additional practice seemed to make the difference and in only a few weeks she came home saying that she swam underwater!

I had to see this for myself and of course had to capture it on film and video. So I went over with them to her house one day adorned with all of the fatherly memory making gear. As I went to the pool I was amazed to see my daughter go right up to the pool’s edge and saying “watch me daddy” she jumped into the pool! After brushing off her face she continued to say “watch me swim underwater” and she did in fact do this as well. Well… call me amazed, but I was so excited to have the camera and video camera going at this point to capture this special memory. I am looking forward to sending this video along with a few others to YesVideo to have them turned into a high quality DVD that we can watch over and over again into the future!

YesVideo Blogger Trip – Wordless Wednesday

YesVideo Blogger trip to San Jose, California.

Blogger Tour

Making memories by having big kid fun.


Type A Parent Conference Sponsorship

YesVideo is proud to announce our sponsorship for Type A Parent Conference taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 22-24.  Type A Conference will be hosted at Hilton Charlotte Center City where 500 attendees will join together to learn about the rapidly growing world of social media.

Type-A Parent Conference, in its fourth year, is designed to help social media/blogging parents and the companies who want to connect with them take it to the next level. The conference will feature some of the most influential, admired and insightful bloggers and social media thought leaders talking about topics like power networking, branding, blogging, finding your voice, and turning your passion for blogging into a real paycheck.

YesVideo will travel across states from California to North Carolina to setup at the Type A Parent Conference Expo Hall.  We are looking forward to meeting bloggers of all walks of life and connecting with other brands while learning how to best leverage social media in our own space.  We are excited to offer special discounts for attendees and give away awesome prizes while there!  Don’t forget to follow along in the Twitter stream with hashtag #TypeACon if you attend and watch for our tweets by following us, @YesVideo.

Would you love to attend Type A Parent Conference but are currently without a ticket?  We want YOU to come out and see us in Charlotte.  We are offering one full conference pass to one lucky bloggerTravel and hotel accommodations are not included.

Entry is simple.  Just follow the prompts in the below Rafflecopter form for entries into the giveaway.  Most entries are worth one point.

In honor of National Photo Month being May, we are offering a bonus entry worth 25 points.  Receive this entry by sharing one of your favorite photos from a family memory.  You must share your photo including a link back to this giveaway within a blog post on your personal site.  This is not a required entry to win the conference pass, just a large bonus. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be selected randomly on May 30th and emailed to claim conference pass. Winner must respond within 24 hours or another winner will be selected.

Are you attending Type A Parent Conference? Leave your Twitter handle in the comments so we can be sure to follow you.

Which Camera Captures Memories Best on Vacation?

Before I jump into this topic let me just quickly introduce myself. I’m Drew Bennett and I blog at That blog is where I post my photo-a-day photos and it is something I’ve been doing for just shy of 7 straight years. In that time I’ve used a ton of camera equipment to capture my daily photos. Cameras from Cell Phones to DSLRs and everything in between. I was gearing up for a family vacation, both in my mind and literally with all my camera gear and I stopped and thought, “Do I really need all this stuff in order to capture the best family memories possible?

So, I did an experiment.

I contacted Kodak and asked if I could get one of their M580 cameras, it is a pocket size point and shoot camera. I already had a Nikon D80 DSLR as well as a FLIP for video. Add to that camera lenses and various other pieces of equipment (I am a gadget junkie) as well as an iPad, laptop and all the charging equipment and I was carrying a back breaking backpack. Did I want to take that into an amusement park, like the one with the initials W.D.W.? Not, really. But I have done that very thing the previous year.

Kodak came through and gave me an M580 to review. I still took all of my other equipment on the trip but decided that I’d start out carrying the M580 for the first day and see what happened. I had a camera bag that fit on my belt, freeing up my pockets. I was able to take out the camera get a ton of photos quickly and easily and even take some specialty shots like panoramas, including this one below.

How cool and fun is that. I was able to get my daughter to stand in three separate places and make this photo all on the camera. That is definitely something fun and memorable.

The second day I took my DSLR with me and while I got some good photos I felt a bit of a distance between me and the family with such equipment around my neck the whole day. By the end of the day I was done with the DSLR in the park. I had gotten great photos the day before with the point and shoot and I didn’t have to constantly carry a large camera, something not very conducive to walking around a busy amusement park. So, for the rest of the trip I had my point and shoot on my hip and captured so many fun family moments.

What it came down to, I believe, is that the smaller camera was unobtrusive and always easily accessible so I could be more spontaneous. Also I wasn’t hampered down by a heavy bag with things I just didn’t need to have with me. It was a perfect accompaniment to our family vacation.

Magical Memories – Wordless Wednesday

This week we are featuring a photo from Amanda over at High Impact Mom.  Amanda shared some memories she captured at Beast’s Castle in Disney’s new FantasyLand.  Have you taken your family to Disney World?

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Preserving Family Photographs Forever

Technology is in high demand, every family either currently owns or wants to own the best digital camera available on the market to capture everyday memories with their children. Whether you are an avid traveler or someone who sticks close to home, having photographs of your family along the years is the best way to preserve family memories.

Transferring photographs from a digital camera to your home computer may seem like the best option for you to free up space on the camera SD card, however, storing photographs on a computer may not be the best long term decision for your family memories. Computers can crash and your hard drive can get ruined beyond repair, meaning your family memories once thought to be organized and safe are now lost forever.

The safest option to store and preserve family memories is to transfer your photographs onto a DVD, you may still have those photographs stored on your computer for quick access but you will be more at ease knowing that your family memories have been preserved on a high quality DVD or Blu-ray disc for those who may be using an HD camera.

If you wish to backup your photographs from SD card to your computer the best way to keep them organized is to place them in folders. Here is a great way to organize your photographs on a computer in an easy-to-access-later fashion:

  1. First create a folder called Pictures on a secure home server or your home computer.
  2. Next create folders based on topics, such as “family time”, “child 1’s name”, “child 2’s name”, etc etc. If you would rather label by month and year, create a folder within the pictures file that is named whichever year photographs you will be copying into this folder.
  3. The next step would be to create a sub-folder within each yearly folder with the names of the months.
  4. Transfer your photographs into each folder based on year and month.

Whether you are looking to preserve your family memories to hand down to your children or to simply have something to look back upon as your kids grow older, make sure that you have properly backed up all photographs to ensure the memories are long lasting.

Keeping your photographs organized will help makes things easier when transferring to DVD or making home movies later on.

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can earn money while promoting the service that you’ve come to love and trust, please visit:

Contest: Cutest, Funniest and Most Artistic Pet Photos!

Our pets are just as much part of the family as anyone else, so why not show them off!

RitzPix Pets Photo Contest

YesVideo is excited to be the sponsor of Ritz Camera and’s Facebook Photo Contest. Our challenge: to find the country’s most photogenic pets – the cutest, funniest and most artistic furry friends and fur-kids caught on camera.

The Prizes:
3 winners will receive a $100 credit towards a home video or movie film to DVD transfer order, redeemable online at

The Categories:

  1. Cutest Pet Photo
  2. Funniest Pet Photo
  3. Most Artistic/Professional Pet Photo

How to Enter:

  1. Visit the Photo Contest section of Ritz’s Facebook page.
  2. Click the Enter Contest button.
  3. Sign up and upload your photo.

Learn more about the home video transfer service available at Ritz Camera and

YesVideo/Ritz Pets Photo Contest

Some of YesVIdeo's Fur-Kids: Baby, Choco, Maggie, Theo, Sam, Stewie

Can your dog, cat, hamster or lizard say “cheese”? Submit your photo to Ritz Camera’s Photo Contest by May 21st.

Got a favorite pet moment or pet trick caught on VIDEO? Share it on YesVideo’s Facebook wall!

Favorite Mom Moments – Wordless Wednesday

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at YesVideo!

This week we are featuring Brandy from Happily Blended.  Brandy shares some of her favorite weekly kid moments.  Boys and their toys…