Must-Have Camera Accessories for Summer

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for capturing memories.  Between families taking their summer vacations and kids being home from school having that extra time to play and be silly, parents are known to snap more photos and make more home movies.

Whether you are staying close to home or traveling afar, it’s always nice to give your boring black camera strap some summer fun with color.  You might as well look cute while making memories, right?

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

Here at YesVideo we are strong believers that you should always make sure you are part of the moments you preserve.  Often times the camera owner browses back through the photos and videos from their event to realize they were not featured in one single photo.  When looking back on those old memories you want to be able to remember what you did as well.  That’s where the XShot comes in…

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

Along with summer fun comes water play!  Everyone must have an under water camera for the summer or at least an under water protection case for your personal camera.  When snorkeling at the beach you see amazing sights that you’ll want to be sure and share with family and friends.  Even playing at a water park with kids can make for some fun videos under water.

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

A hand-held camera strap is perfect for those on the go.  If you are walking around a theme park with your family, having your camera secure in your hand helps with mobility.

Remember, it’s summer, therefore okay to keep things simple.  Capturing memories in photographs and videos is important to do no matter how small the moment is.  Having those home videos to look back on and reminisce is priceless.  Surprisingly with today’s technology you can have high quality photos using just your iPhone.  So don’t miss the small moments just because your camera is at home.  Here are some great iPhone apps to help make your photographs and videos look just as sharp as if they were taken with your DSLR.

To see more of our recommendations for Must-Have Camera Accessories follow our Pinterest board.

Blogger Tour Movie Slideshow

Happy Friday, everyone! Today we share a movie slideshow of the YesVideo Blogger Ambassadors’ visit to our Silicon Valley headquarters, followed by our Big Kid Play Date. Between 5 bloggers and 4 employees, we toted around so many smartphones, HD camcorders and DSLR cameras. Here are the best images and clips and compiled into one highlight gallery.

We’re also giving you a sneak peek of our brand new online viewing and sharing website. We are still ironing out some wrinkles and adding new features. Stay tuned for more!

Watch the video!

YesVideo Headquarters Tour and Big Kid Play Date

CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO: Highlights from YesVideo Headquarters Tour and Big Kid Play Date

YesVideo Welcomes New CEO and CTO – Wordless Wednesday

YesVideo’s new CEO and CTO, Michael Chang and Andy Choi, geeking out inside one of our video production labs

Michael Chang and Andy Choi dive right in at the YesVideo headquarters upon joining the YesVideo team.

This week we could not decide between two photos from last week’s linkup of which one to feature.  So we are featuring both.

My Strange Family shared photos of their summer memories from bike riding and visiting the lighthouse in Nantucket.

Who doesn’t love Disney World? We thought this photo was extra cute and so much more than a simple pose in front of Cinderella’s castle. A great memory made from the Heartbeat Magazine Blog!

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Summer Memories Made Easy and Captured in Photographs

Summer is a great time to capture those family memories and smiles because the kids are out of school and the parents are a bit more relaxed not having to keep up with school and extra curricular activity schedules. If your family does not have the budget to allow a far away summer vacation, you can still enjoy summertime memories close to home with little to no cost.

Some of the great ways my family enjoys summer are low cost or free because whether we can afford it or not, it is the simple things that make my family smile most. Setting up a water slide in the backyard and going down it with the kids can make them see the big kid inside of you. If you do not have a water slide you can easily make one as long as you have a hill in your yard, a tarp and a hose.

Taking a hike at a local mountain or hiking trail is a free or low cost fun time. Turn your hiking adventure into a scavenger hunt by playing “I Spy” with the kids.  Have a look around and “spy” interesting cracks in the rocks, taller than average trees, a bird or a squirrel in the tree and watch as your kids have fun trying to spy what you have spied with your eyes.

Make sure to take a picture of the interesting things you spy so that later on you can discuss the wonderful adventure with the kids. Our family spotted an owl in broad daylight once in Bradford, NH while we were taking a hike out on a trail where the “tall trees” are. This owl perched and watched us for a long time. It was certainly something worthy of capturing in a photo.

Do you have a local airport? We have a small one in town and the kids had a blast on a day where it opened up to the public. This was a free of charge event where families could come take pictures up close with the planes and watch as some planes took off from the landing strip. I captured many photos with smiles on my sons faces because they just love airplanes.

Whether you travel far away from home or stay close to home during the summer months, remember that a photo is worth a thousand words and no moment is too small to capture on your camera!

Summer Family Moments Photo Tip – Each summer make a folder on your computer full of weird and interesting things your family witnessed during that year and have those moments compiled onto a DVD so that your kids can grow up to share these “remember when” moments with their children!

YesVideo Announces EasyShip Kit for Ordering Ease

From YesVideo’s Shameless Promotions Department

Get $10 off when you order the new YesVideo EasyShip Kit between now and July 31st!

Transferring your vintage media to digital is easier than ever with the YesVideo EasyShip Kit. Simply order your kit online, fill it up with your media and drop it off at the nearest UPS store. Then we give you a call to complete your order. It’s that easy.

Every kit comes with all the packaging materials you need to get your cherished memories safely to us:

  • Slide safety box
  • Envelope for photos and negatives
  • Waterproof bag
  • Packaging tape
  • Packaging paper
  • Pre-paid UPS shipping label

Once we receive your kit, a customer service representative will give you a call and let you know the total cost of transferring your materials. We then digitize your vintage media and send back your new DVDs along with the originals.

Order your EasyShip Kit today for just $9.99 when you use promo code ESK10 (Originally $19.99).

Promo code: ESK10 (Expires: July 31, 2012)

Getting Lost in the Shuffle – Wordless Wednesday

Arleen and Sam, from our Order Entry team, caught in the rush hour traffic of orders at YesVideo.

This week we are featuring a photo from Conni hosted over on her blog,  This photo is a perfect example of preserving old memories.


How to share your video clips online with YesVideo

So, you’ve taken my advice and have started capturing video.  Now what?

You don’t need to be a video geek in order to share your clips online.  I’ve come to realize recently that the average population does not have access to, nor the desire and/or time to learn how to use video editing software.  In fact, I personally know a number of HD video camera owners who have no idea how to get the video out of their camera once captured.  They tell me it’s daunting – the thought of uploading, editing and processing video.

It’s a shame.  Birthday parties.  Kids being goofy.  Sports games.  Grandparent’s Anniversary.  Great memories are stuck inside cameras, just waiting to be set loose in the world.

If you are comfortable connecting your camera to your computer and working with your own files, wonderful.  Grab your video geek flag and wave it high.  This post is not for you.  If you have a desire to share your videos online via Facebook or Twitter, but have no idea how to get them out of your camera to do so, read on.

You already know that YesVideo transfers VHS to DVD.  Did you know they also transfer SD Cards to DVD?  Most cameras record files to SD Cards.  Not only will you get a DVD of the contents of the card, but YesVideo also uploads your files to your own MemorySafe account online.  On there, you can easily trim your clips into usable files and share them directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Voila.  Now go, no excuses now.  Get those memories out of your cameras!

Disclosure: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador for YesVideo.  Thoughts and opinions are clearly my own.

Blog Ambassadors Share Experience Touring YesVideo Headquarters

In May we brought out a group of bloggers to tour our facility and take part in a fun filled day to make memories.  We asked a couple of our ambassadors to answer a few questions about their experience.
Drew from and Kim from answer the following three questions:

  • What is your favorite service from YesVideo?
  • What did you learn from your tour of YesVideo’s headquarters?
  • What was the best part of your visit?

Unique Angle – Wordless Wednesday

Earlier this week we shared photography tips from Lolli on capturing your memories from a unique angle.

Lisa {YesVideo Customer Service Director} and Norman

This week we are featuring a photo from Connie at Brain Foggles.  Connie shares a memory of meeting a friend in person at a social media conference.  Don’t they look like sisters?


Photography Tip: Composition Techniques to Get Better Pictures

Have you ever looked through a collection of photos and left totally uninspired and unexcited? Have you noticed that even photos that are technically “correct” can be BLAH if they are not well composed? I’ve certainly seen plenty of photos that were not focused or exposed correctly that have still had plenty of visual appeal because of the way they were presented.

What is it that makes a photograph stand out? What makes a photo something that you want to show off to all of your friends and family on Facebook and then print it at the one-hour photo counter to frame on the wall? It is certainly more than just correct exposure or whether or not you’ve captured perfect focus.

Basic tips to improve your composition:

I promise that if you focus a little energy on composing good photos, you’ll find more photos on your memory card that you love, regardless of the quality of your camera.

1 – The rule of thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a basic composition guideline in photography. It plays on the natural tendency for our eyes to be drawn towards certain parts of an image. Imagine a tic tac toe board. Now imagine that tic tac toe board sitting on top of your picture. The four lines of a tic tac toe game break the image up into nine equal parts. The four points where the lines intersect are the strongest focal points.

Here’s the way most people would frame a shot of a couple (special thanks to my sister for taking this picture of us–centered–just because my husband insisted on it)…..

My sister and I convinced my husband that an off-center photo of us would look even better. He didn’t believe us until he saw the image later. And then he fell in love with it (and learned not to question a photographer’s eye).

2 – Try a different angle

Instead of always taking photos of people “straight on”, try shooting your subject from lower or higher than their eye level. This works particularly well when taking close-ups or head shots of people.

Another technique is called the “Dutch tilt,” and simply consists of tilting the camera so that the horizon is not parallel with the bottom of the frame. While it is not a technique that you would want to use on every picture, it certainly catches the viewer’s attention and can be really fun.

3 – Determine your focus

Some photos require a wide zoom. Others work better zoomed in close to your subject. Think about what you’re trying to say in your photos. Is the focus of your photo a person or a landscape? What ever your focus, FOCUS on that.

4 – Be creative

Learn the “rules” and tips of composition and then be prepared to break them. Photography is an art. Be creative.

Remember that art is subjective. A photo that is very aesthetically pleasing to one person may be completely boring to another. My best tip–Move around and try something new!

Written by Lolli, mom of 5, blogger, and photographer. You can find Lolli blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.