What is the Difference between a DVD and Blu-ray Disc?

Today’s post is from YesVideo’s production department. Rolf Breuer from YesVideo and GadgetCentral.com share some expertise on optical media.

DVD vs Blu-ray

DVD vs Blu-ray Discs

What is the difference between a DVD and Blu-ray Disc? Not much if we compare just the physical appearance of these shiny plastic discs. We all know what a DVD disc looks like. Just like an Audio CD we would have said about 18 years ago when the first DVDs appeared. Fast forward to today and the answer to “What does a Blu-ray disc look like?” would be “looks just like a DVD.”

So we have to dig a bit deeper to see the difference.

Let’s first ask why there “had to be” a Blu-ray disc? And the casual answer is, because it’s “bigger, better, faster!” That’s the same concept that drives technological innovations in computers and entertainment.

Let’s look at some details:   (and I’m adding the CD just for completeness)

  • a CD has a storage capacity of roughly 700 Mbytes.
  • a DVD quadrupled it’s capacity to about 4 GBytes.
  • a Blu-ray disc starts at about 25 GB and can hold up to 50 GB of data on a dual-layer format!

Why did we need more storage capacity on the discs?
The DVD transitioned us from the good old VHS tapes to a higher quality movie experience on our TV-sets at home. It was ultimately the convenience these DVDs provided that brought a DVD player into almost every home in the U.S. at the beginning of the 21st century and Hollywood’s movies onto our screens.

Then the TV-evolution started to happen in the mid 2000’s:  High-Definition Television (HDTV) became the next big thing for the industry and a couple of years later in our living rooms.

A big problem had to be fixed, though:  the picture resolution on these new TVs increased from about 480 to 1080 horizontal lines and the width of the screens almost doubled. While a DVD could hold a movie of about 2 hours in its 4 GB of data storage, a HD movie needed up to 5 times more disc capacity. Hence the Blu-ray disc was born.

So do you need to have a different player for all these different disc formats?
No, today’s Blu-ray players can play all discs you might have on your book shelf at home – from Audio CDs to Blu-ray. No difference for the player but a big difference for us on the TV screen: live-like, brilliant and vibrant images that vi to rival your movie theater screen.

YesVideo @ SXSW: Please Vote for Us!

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You, Mom, and Lindsay Lohan on Your Connected TV
Imagine a world where you and your mom share top billing with Lindsay Lohan. Ok, not appealing? Imagine yourself with Brad Pitt then. This world is happening today, as more homes are becoming equipped with connected televisions. By storing our personal videos in the cloud, we are able to watch ourselves on TV. We can gather round to re-live mom’s worst

haircut, your first steps, or your best friend’s wedding – and then watch ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ with Julia Roberts on the same screen.

The future of video viewing on all sorts of devices has arrived, and thanks to cutting-edge editing tools, we’re now able to put ourselves in the film editor’s seat and create beautiful masterpieces that feature our own family and friends – and maybe even Lindsay and her mom, too.


Old School – Wordless Wednesday

YesVideo Employees Go Back to School – Blast from the Past

This week we are featuring a photo from Hi, It’s Jilly!  One of America’s favorite pastimes is baseball and hot dogs.  Her photos showcased a wonderful family event filled with smiles.


Back to School Special – 33% Off!

YesVideo’s Shameless Promotions Department Presents: The Back to School Special – 33% Off!

When was that last time you viewed your slides–not to mention negatives?

Now, you can see those slides (hidden away in boxes or carousels) and those long forgotten negatives (stuck in old Kodak envelopes) when you transfer them to digital.

Photo Albums, Prints, Negatives, Slides Digitized onto DVDs

YesVideo can digitize your Photo Albums, Prints, Negatives, Slides onto DVDs

Once transferred you’ll be able to share your images via Facebook and email. Your family and friends will be excited to rediscover these classic memories again.

Use the promo code 33SLIDESD when you place your order* to take advantage of the 33% discount (expires Aug 31).

* 33% discount is only good for orders placed directly through YesVideo.com and not available at our retail locations.

Company Picnic Fun – Wordless Wednesday

YesVideo Company Picnic - Employees and Family Gather Together!

This week we are featuring a summer vacation photo from Hardly a HousewifeCan you believe summer is almost over?


College Care Package – Legacy Style

When sending your child off to college it can be a difficult transition. Sending them with a care package that includes memories from home will help assist them while being away, no matter how far.

Digital Camera and/or Camcorder will encourage your college student to document their new journey. Up until this point of their life most parents have taken on the role of preserving their child’s legacy but once they move off to college they will make many memories, meeting new friends, that they’ll want to capture.

Digital Photo Frame sits easily on a night stand or computer desk. With limited space in a dorm room the digital photo frame takes up the same amount of space as one standard frame yet offers the ability to view dozens of pictures. To give them the opportunity to relive family memories load it with family photos from special occasions or family vacations and toss in some photos of their best friends.

Transfer your old home movies to DVD for your college student to take on the road with them.  When they start to miss their family time after a long day of studying they can pop in the DVD and reminisce on the good times.  With YesVideo’s personal customization options you can combine all the funniest moments from your child’s life onto one DVD to give them a good laugh while away.

Personalized Stationery allows a college student to write short notes to send back home and to their friends that attend a different college. With email, text messages and Skype people often forget to purchase stationery to send a hand written note, however personalized letters are still very sentimental. Customization options could include the student’s last name or college logo.

Personal Favorites: Providing your college student with their favorite board game will keep the family game night memories alive while away at school. Include some of their favorite snacks or even mom’s home-baked cookies are a pleasant surprise. Having some of their favorite items from home will help them adjust to being away.

To help aide your student in their transition to college we are giving away one BluRay player. Most college students are on a low budget so watching movies in their dorm often times out trumps heading out to the theater. It’s also a great way to watch those family home movies to reminisce on pre-college days when they start to get home sick.

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Old School Memories Twitter Party

As students are heading back to school this month we wanted to reminisce old school style by sharing our own back to school memories with you on Twitter!  Come out and compare old photos and memories with everyone in celebration of back to school.

What: Twitter Party

When: Thursday, August 23rd

Time: 8:00 PM CST

Where: TweetChat Room for #YesMemory

RSVP: Fill out form to win prizes

If you have never joined a Twitter Party before head over and read our Twitter Party How To and learn the ins and outs of joining the exciting party fun.

Prizes include:

  • DOOR PRIZE – Handheld Kodak Camcorder {must fill out door prize form to be eligible}
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Twitter Party Panelists:

Do not forget to follow each of the Twitter Party panelists as well as @YesVideo on Twitter.

During the Twitter Party we will share our favorite back to school memories, discuss our proud parent moments and the best ways to capture memories of our children heading off for school.  We hope you come join the party fun and tweet with us.  Good luck in winning some of the awesome prizes!

*Must be in attendance of the Twitter Party using hashtag #YesMemory to be eligible to win prizes.


Production Time – Wordless Wednesday

It takes two! Matt and Sandy from our production team – hard at work, prepping a stack of EasyShip Kits to send out. (And that’s only the first batch!)

If they haven’t already, your kids will be heading off for their very first day back to school soon.  Today we are featuring a back to school photo from The Narretto Family.  What a cute way to document a new milestone.


Guide to Proper Care & Storage of Your Videotapes

Today’s post is from YesVideo’s video production department. Jexter Reynante shares his expertise from over 11 years as our Video Production Manager and 5 years as a professional videographer.

Jexter, YesVideo's Video Production Manager, shows us how to handle and store videotapes safely

Jexter, YesVideo's Video Production Manager, shows us how to handle and store videotapes safely

If you insist to hold onto your old videotapes, here are some tips on how to properly store them:

  1. Avoid humidity/moisture
    Mold can and will find a way into your video tapes. Once that happens, most transfers services will not want to process it as it can damage equipment and may not be at all playable.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures/sunlight
    This will decrease the already short lifespan of your videotapes. Prolonged exposure will also make the plastic housing brittle.
  3. Avoid storing your tapes in the garage, attic, or basement.
    Those locations can experience extreme changes in temperature. If its location is damp, say a leaky basement, mold could find its way into your videotapes.
  4. Use the case.
    Videotapes are sold w/ a case. Whether it be made out of paper or plastic, use it. A case will help protect the case from foreign substances and the elements.
  5. Use labels.
    Videotapes also come w/ labels. Use them. An unmarked video tape could be mistaken as being blank and could be accidentally recorded over or worse, disposed.

At YesVideo we receive thousands of videotapes each week. Here are some additional measures we follow to make sure each customer’s tape is handled with proper care.

  1. Use a known working VCR.
    VCRs are hard to come by, but do not take a chance with playing your videotapes on just any VCR. A broken VCR could eat your videotape and destroy your memories.
  2. Avoid cheap stand alone tape rewinders.
    These devices will stretch the ends of your videotape and in some cases snap the tape right off the reel. Most modern VCRs have variable rewind speeds which slow down as the tape nears the beginning. Use these instead.
  3. Do not make contact with the inside of the videotape.
    Oils from your fingers will shorten the lifespan of your videotapes. Avoid opening the flap and touching any part of the tape.
Videotape to DVD transfer service

Transferring to a digital format is the best way to ensure that your video footage does not become damaged or fade away.

Ultimately videotapes will degrade over time and will be rendered unplayable. You can go through great lengths to prolong the life of your tapes, but the best solution is to go digital. Once you go digital, your memories will no longer degrade and will become more easily accessible. Learn more about how to protect your memories and go digital.

Surprise Bundles of Joy – Wordless Wednesday

Christian, VP Marketing, holding a bag full of baby goodies at his surprise baby shower. He’ll be the father of a baby girl very soon!

This week we are featuring a photo from Misadventures with Andi.  We are now dreaming of traveling to Florence!  Where is your dream travel destination?

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