5 Outdated Wedding Trends

Last month, I married my high school sweetheart. I spent months planning it beforehand & wanted everything to reflect us just right. I wanted to stick to some traditions {the big white dress, the Bridal March playing as I walked down the aisle…} but we’re a pretty modern couple. Our son was even at the wedding to be our ring bearer- something unheard of just a few decades ago. But that’s not all that’s changed!

In doing research for planning my own wedding, I realized that every decade has it’s trends- even when it comes to weddings. Things that I chose for my wedding may very well become a “2010’s fad”, but that’s when we got married so that doesn’t bother me. &It’s fun to look back and see how much things have changed & how far they’ve come.

A quick look back at 5 outdated wedding trends:

Then: Disco music. Brides & Grooms rented disco balls, took dance lessons & hired DJ’s to spin their favorite disco beats.

Now: Our guests danced to hits like “The Cha-Cha Slide” and “Gangnam Style”.

Then: It was bad etiquette to wear black to a wedding, as it was a color reserved for funerals.

Now: Not only is it incredibly common to wear black as a guest, but even bridesmaids are getting in on it!

Then: Veils were often floor-length and were usually worn in front of the bride’s face until the couple was pronounced man and wife.

Now: While veils come at varying lengths and are still available in floor-length, veils are typically no longer than the bride’s fingertips. In addition, they are most often worn as an accessory instead of used as an actual part of the ceremony.

Then: Cakes ranged from 4-8 tiers and were intricately decorated. They could cost hundreds- even thousands of dollars.

Now: Cake facades are all the rage. The reception venue provides a “fake cake” and instead slices up a sheet cake in the back. This is a much more economical {and still incredibly delicious} approach.

Then: Everything- from the invitations to the linens- was white.

Now: Not only does color find it’s way into many details, but one of the first decisions most brides now make is what color their wedding will be. I chose a shade called “Pool Blue” and everything from my invitations to the bridesmaids’ shoes to the specialty lighting was Pool Blue.

I’m so excited that my wedding was captured on video for me {and my children} to view for decades to come. If you have old wedding tapes {of your own, your parents’ or even your grandparents’} check out the services that YesVideo provides for video transferring. Within a few weeks, you can have a DVD of those beautiful memories- and YesVideo even has a great Wedding Theme that will make it look great!

How many outdated wedding trends do you think you can find in your old wedding movies?

This post was written by Shell Feis, blogger at {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker. Shell lives in Las Vegas & blogs about her transition from sorority girl to mom & wife. You can follow her #YesMemory #PhotoADay progress on Instagram & Twitter or find her on Pinterest!


  1. You looked beautiful — congrats Shell!

  2. You look beautiful Shell and what a great post! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. It is good to follow an old traditional wedding pattern, but in my opinion, this modern style wedding with disco ball and loud music is cool and memorable.
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