5 Ways to Organize Your Photographs

It’s a New Year, which for most of us means time to get organized! Every year I make it a goal to organize my guest room closet, which is chock full of old family photos and videos, but I’m determined that this is the year that I’ll actually do it! If you have the same goal, check out some of the best ways to organize your photos.

1. Scrapbooks
If you’re feeling a little crafty, add some flair to old photos by creating a scrapbook! You can make one for each member of the family, one for each year, or organize them another way that makes sense to you- the possibilities are endless! If you’re less artistically inclined {like me}, they sell kits that come with everything you’ll need to create great pages.

2.  Photo Albums
Whether you choose the type with inserts or the type with a sticky backing, photo albums are probably the quickest way to organize photos. The non-sticky variety are easier to rearrange, but the sticky ones give you more options since the pages aren’t in predetermined sizes. In any case, should you choose to digitize them down the road, YesVideo can make a photo album into a DVD of all of your photos- without even removing them from the album!

3. Photo Boxes
If you have a lot of photos & don’t want to have a giant stack of photo albums laying around, this is a great solution. It also allows you to store photos of several different sizes all together. Tip: Old shoe boxes make great {free!} photo boxes!

4. Digitize
Often, the best way to organize clutter is to get rid of it completely. If you’re sick of giving up prime closet real estate to old photos, or if you never venture into the closet to look at them because they’re so hard to access, consider having YesVideo digitize your photos for you. Just select your photos, send them in to YesVideo, and they’ll put them onto a DVD for easy access. It’ll take up a lot less room, and you can hand the physical photos down to someone who actually wants them.  You can even have your slides and negatives digitized!

5. Display
While you likely can’t display every photo that you own, now is a good time to select some of your favorites & put them out on display. You could add a few family photos to the mantle, create a photo wall using several frames in different sizes, or even make a collage and hang it in the family room. Photos are meant to be seen and enjoyed!

Which is your favorite way to organize photos?

This post was written by Shell Fruscione, blogger at {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker. Shell lives in Las Vegas & blogs about her transition from sorority girl to mom & soon-to-be wife. You can follow her #YesMemory #PhotoADay progress on Instagram & Twitter or follow her planning for her upcoming wedding on Pinterest!


  1. I love, love, love scrapbooking!! I just need to find the time to DO IT! :)

  2. I love making photo books for my kids. I have not printed photographs in years because I do not have a safe way to keep them organized and protected. Digitizing onto DVD is such a great idea.

  3. My favorite way to organize my photos is in photo books, like those you can do at Shutterfly.

  4. I’ve been doing photo books to organize the hard copies. Wish I could display more of what I have but I think I have quite a bit up already!

  5. I started a photo book for my son–need to work on that! And start one for my daughter! Most of our photos are organized (in some fashion, lol) on the computer. Great ideas!