7 Must Capture Memories for Halloween

Fall Festivals
Hay rides, pumpkin patches and corn mazes…  Fall festivals are a breeding ground for memories.  Each year take photos of the kids sitting among the large pumpkins in the patch and compare how they’ve grown.  Capture cute videos of their first hay ride or finding their way through a corn maze.

Decorating Pumpkins
Whether your family prefers to carve pumpkins or paint them, decorating pumpkins is a big part of Halloween.  No moment is too small to preserve and having these special moments to look back on are a fun way to watch their artistic skills grow.  Let the kids tell you about their pumpkins and their choice of decoration on a video.  Not only will you be able to see their pumpkins change over the years you’ll be able to see the kids grow and their voices change between each video.

Bobbing for Apples
If you plan to host a Halloween party or gathering at your home you will want to have plenty of fun activities for your guests to do.  Bobbing for apples is a classic must-have party game.  Of course you need to capture this hilarity on video!  Bobbing for apples is great for kids and adults so make sure you set up two water bins for everyone to join the fun.

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With each new season comes fun new crafts to make with the kids.  Not all memories are saved in photos and videos, some memories are made with your hands…. or feet.  Try this adorable craft with your kids and bring the messy entertainment to life by painting their feet like candy corn.

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Playing dress-up is the best part of Halloween.  It’s the one day you can be anyone.  Kids get to pretend to be their favorite superhero or a princess.  Adults get to act like kids again and put on a costume.  You can look back at the memories of who wore the best costume, the scariest, the funniest or the most homemade.

Party Guestbook
When most people think of a guestbook they picture a wedding ceremony and tend to forget the importance of having a guestbook at all occasions. A creative way to document your memories is to have each guest sign your haunted theme guestbook with their name and what costume they wore.  If you host costume contests, include who won in the book.  Use your guestbook as a scrapbook from your party.  Other things to include are: favorite Halloween recipes, best costume of the year, how to make a craft or top hit party idea.

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Trick or Treat
What’s Halloween without trick-or-treating? Seeing your child toddle up to your neighbor’s door with the excitement of getting a treat all while being leery of the creepy Halloween decorations is priceless.  Videoing their first Halloween of them carrying a bag almost the same size they are is precious.  Let them show you how much candy they collected in their bag and have them tell you all about their experience on video.

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  1. Great ideas! My youngest’s birthday is on Nov. 1st, and we’re thinking of hosting a halloween themed party this year. We don’t have costumes yet – but I’m sure I’ll find something amazing on pinterest to make for them.
    My oldest (4) wants to be Bumblebee (transformers)!

  2. My little guy is going to be link from the video game Zelda. My husband really loved that game growing up. :)

  3. Hes going to be a mummy!

    Bud Lisa samson – RC form

  4. superhero—————-

  5. Rich Morris says:

    he’s going as a ninja turtle

  6. My daughter will be a princess.

  7. My niece is going to be a cow, nephew a ninja

  8. My granddaughter is going as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. This is the third year in a row, she loves Oz!

  9. julie bolduc says:

    One of my daughters art going to be a werewolf n the other pacam !!!

  10. Barbara Hulme says:

    my youngest sons Birthday is Halloween, we always celebrate all day long, this would be a great giveaway to win, thanks for the chance

  11. My daughter will be an angel and my son a character from Minecraft.

  12. My husband got some great pictures of my daughter trick or treating for her first time two years ago and they are some of my favorite pictures of her. They totally capture the excitement she had at people giving her candy.

  13. My son will be s Spiderman

  14. cleopatra

  15. Frankenstein

  16. jolee62@aol.com says:

    A kitten

  17. Margaret Smith says:

    Our youngest is going to be a football. Our daughter a cheerleader and our oldest a football player.

  18. I think as a dog.

  19. Adrienne gordon says:

    my daughter is a unicorn this year

  20. My grandchildren will be 1) sock monkey and 2) Elephant

  21. Ann Fantom says:

    My daughter is going to dress up as a vampire this year

  22. stigay@comcast.net says:

    my son will dress up as iron man

  23. My daughter is going as a super hero this year. My granddaughter is going to be cheerleader.

  24. our girl loves Monster High and wants to dress up as one of the girls

  25. Still working on ideas for a costume this year. I know, running behind. :/

  26. Kira is going to be a tree frog

  27. my granddaughter is going to be a rock star

  28. Honestly, I have no idea! I have half costumes for each of them, but I can’t commit to one or the other. My 4 year old will probably be a superhero for the 3rd time and the baby will be something with a tutu

  29. Charlie Brown, Ninja and football player

  30. My daughter is going to be a bride. She will be a flower girl in my brother’s wedding this weekend and the dress will be reused for her costume. She’s sooooo excited!

  31. Paula Tavernie says:

    Hes gonna dress up as Spiderman!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  32. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    They are going to be pirates!

  33. My boy is gonna be “Grumpy” from Snow White!

  34. Michael Chang says:

    1) Power Ranger
    2) Power Ranger – #2 always copies #1 :-)
    3) Lion – #3 always gets the hand-me downs!

  35. My little grandson is going to be a very adorable little dinosaur.

  36. Kayte CookWatts says:

    A princess!

  37. snow white

  38. Heather S says:

    a witch

  39. Spiderman

  40. Kimberly Wright says:

    He is going to be Jedi Luke Skywalker.

  41. jessica edwards says:


  42. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    my baby is going to be a hershey kiss

  43. Thomas Murphy says:

    my son is going to be batman

  44. We are dressing up as the Neverland crew..
    My little guy Peter Pan, sister Tinker Bell, Daddy Captain Hook and me Wendy.


  45. William patterson says:

    My kids are going to be captain America and girl captain america.

  46. Stephanie Grant says:

    My son is going to be the red ninja from Ninjago for Halloween :0)!

  47. My niece is going as Hello Kitty!

  48. jeanne conner says:

    As a Ghost

  49. I don’t have kids yet, but my nephews are dressing as superheroes :)