90s Fashions, and The School Play Where I Met My Husband.

Digging out your old home movies, dusting them off and sending them to us to digitize sometimes brings back more than lost memories. In Lindsey’s case it was pleather pants!

I had always wanted to have some tapes transferred, and with the help of YesVideo, finally decided to bite the bullet.  When I visited Mom and Dad for Dad’s 60th birthday, I hunkered down in their basement to look through our tape collection.  I pulled out not only my first birthday and easter (same month) but also my senior high school musical as well as the winning One Act I was in when I met Hubs.  How could I not share this tidbit of pleather-clad amazingness?? I am so sorry that 90s technology isn’t what it should be and this is insanely hard to hear. Pretend that it’s amazing… but seriously… look at the fashions. We thought we were SO HOT.  ~ Lindsey

Really the video clips that Lindsey shared on her blog speak for themselves.  We encourage you to head over and take a sneak peek.  Also how amazing is it that she was able to capture on film the first time she met her husband?  Priceless…


Read Lindsey’s full story on her blog, Redhead Baby Mama.

If you could watch your high school days on home videos, which retro fashion trend were you sporting?