A Grandfather’s Legacy

He’d be so proud. To see where our little family has taken off, and how his demeanor and outlook on life has influenced me. My grandfather was a big part of my upbringing and with each blessing, I know that it’s him helping to create them. With his passing only 2 years ago, our family has been at a loss. The patriarch, my mom’s dad, was the glue that still kept us together. But now all we had left were the memories. Memories of him driving his Oldsmobile all the way from New Jersey to Jakin, Georgia for family reunions. Memories of him at his giant grill made from an oil drum, cooking up tons of burgers, hot dogs and chicken for all of his children and grandchildren. All we have are memories.

I’ve enjoyed watching the videos we’ve transferred through YesVideo, and remembering that he was still around for each one. He was able to meet my first born son right after he was born, and my daughter when she raced into existence. He was there when I got married, sitting on “the bride’s side” and then dancing the night away with my Mother-in-law like he was 17 rather than 70. One of my favorite memories of him was his excitement at my wedding. As I danced with my father, I caught grandpa smiling and laughing. He was enjoying the moment. His first born granddaughter was starting her own family and although he didn’t admit to it until a few years later, he was so proud of me. Of us.

That day, my wedding day, changed the lives of not just my husband and I, but everyone in our extended families. My grandfather got to see how much his own young family had grown, how much his oldest daughter’s family had grown and how well his favorite granddaughter (heh) would follow in his footsteps. He did a great job of instilling the importance of family to all of us. And as much as we miss him, we know that the memories we have will always be a reference of how to love on one another. We are grandpa’s living legacy and just that title gives me so much joy. I hope it gives him joy, as well.

Amiyrah is the sole writer at 4 Hats and Frugal, where she talks family, food, fashion and finance. As a Mom, wife and Sergeant in the Air National Guard, she adopted the frugal and fabulous lifestyle in 2007. She also decided to to blog about it in order to be accountable for her spending and saving habits.