Best Android Photo Editing Apps


I recently switched from my beloved iPhone to a Droid. Now my husband has a Droid, I have a Droid, and even my tablet is Android!  Some of my favorite photo apps were not available on the Droid platform, so I searched for the best of the best and I found them!

When it comes to capturing and preserving memories, few things are as convenient as your smartphone and tablet! And it is so easy to share photos immediately, too! Don’t forget – YesVideo can transfer your photos to DVD from USBs and SD cards. So take this list, edit and save your pictures then let YesVideo transfer them to DVD!

Best Android Photo Editing Apps

  1.  Instagram
    With millions of users, super easy filters, and the easiest social sharing options, Instagram is my favorite free photo app of all time. I love tagging my photos with popular hashtags (like #DogsOfInstagram) and participating in fun photo prompts with other users. (note: Yes Video does a monthly Photo A Day prompt – join us!)
  2. Phonto
    Phonto is a free app! It is a super fun and easy way to add text to pictures. It has a huge database of fun fonts. You can change the size, color and orientation of the text on the picture.
  3. Photo Grid
    Photo Grid is a free app that makes creating collages easy. Then, you can export the collage directly to Instagram!
  4. Snapseed
    I am shocked that this app is free. It is an extensive photo-editing app. It has a ton of filters, you can even change the strength of each filter and other settings like brightness, saturation, etc
  5. Vignette
    Vignette is $2.60 and worth the investment. It has more than 70 filters and 50 frames! It also has tons of camera options including self-timer, time lapse and more! Out of 9300 ratings on Google Play it has a 4.3 out of 5 stars.
  6. Camera Zoom FX
    This app is on sale for $1.49!  It is packed full of editing features – including silly and fun ones like inserting famous people into your pics and distorting faces like a silly-mirror!
  7. Pixlr-o-matic
    If making your pictures have a vintage look and feel is one of your favorite things, then this free app is for you. It has more than 5 million combinations you can make, so every photo becomes a work of art.
  8. Retro Camera
    Retro Camera is free and reminds me of Hipstamatic. You choose the film and it takes pictures with the different filters on them.
  9. Be Funky
    Be funky is a free app that allows you to stack photo effects on top of one another and has an undo feature! So you can spend hours mixing and matching effects to get the exact look you want.
  10. Pic Say Pro
    This app is $3.99 and tons of fun! It has the standard photo editing tools like red-eye removal, vignette, crop, etc. It also has tons of hilarious tools like adding speech bubbles, silly stickers (like mustaches), even switching heads.

I know I am forgetting some – so please comment and tell me what are your favorite Android photo editing apps?


This post was written by Annie Shultz, owner of Annie lives in Kansas and writes about life with her 3 young children, husband, large dog and chickens! She loves technology and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter – @MamaDweeb –  almost constantly. 


  1. Great list! Sharing it!

  2. I LOVE Instagram! I am going to have to download Phonto!! Thanks for your tips!

  3. I really enjoy Instagram but I’ve also used Camera Zoom FX and Retro camera on my Androids. I also use Photogrid and Labelbox.