Summer Savings – Wordless Wednesday


There’s a special treat in this month’s Costco Coupon booklet. Starting tomorrow, July 10th to August 3, bring in your home movies and save $5 off your order. Coupon is good for up to five uses, so gather your film reels, VHS taps and slides and bring your memories back to life.

Sweet Beginnings – Wordless Wednesday

Brad - Wordless Wednesday

Brad has been one of YesVideo’s most trusted Customer Care reps, and has answered his last phone call after 5 1/2 years. To show our appreciation, the Customer Care crew surprised him with a dessert potluck to send him off on a sweet note. Thank you for your hard work and the laughs, Brad. We hope you come by and visit us soon.

GOAL – Wordless Wednesday

WW - SOCCER Brandi Chastain

With the World Cup in full swing, we couldn’t help but dig up some vintage soccer footage of our own with a US Women’s National Team icon, Brandi Chastain, in training.

Let’s show some love and support for Team USA tomorrow when they face off against Team Germany. Let’s go USA!

But Daaaaaad! – Wordless Wednesday


They taught us how to throw a ball, and how to throw a punch. Whenever we got into trouble, we always made sure to listen. While they don’t always say much in the way of sentiment, deep down we know it’s their actions that speak volumes on how much they love us.

Happy Father’s Day!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day with your Dad this year?

A Place to Call Home – Wordless Wednesday


Moving can be cumbersome, but once the pieces start falling into place routines begin to feel familiar again. Our Receiving crew got the ball rolling, and had the honors of processing the first batch of memories at our new address. While settling into our new memory factory still takes some getting used to, the flow of memories coming through our offices makes us feel right at home.

To everyone at YesVideo – welcome home!

This week we are featuring a photo from Ever After… My Way.  Some of our favorite childhood memories involve our favorite stories.


Instant Memories – Throwback Thursday

Instant Memories

Have you ever owned an Instant Camera?  Do you remember when you felt instant gratification after snapping a photo, pulling the film out of the bottom of the camera, waving it around in the air while all your friends or family members stood around watching impatiently while the film slowly turned from white to display the image you captured?  I remember getting excited as soon as I would see the outline of the face I photographed.  Of course then there were many times when the disappointment would set in after realizing one person had their eyes closed and we had to start all over again, only wasting that piece of film.

When I was a kid I had a Polaroid camera and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  If my friend wanted a copy of the photos we were taking we had to duplicate each shot.  Double the fun… that is until you ran out of film.  I remember going through phases of wanting to capture all these memories with instant printing yet I never wanted to use all my film.  It was an inner struggle between using the camera and saving it.  I always wanted my last photo to be my best!

While helping my parents clean out my grandmother’s home when she passed away I found this Kodak Instant Camera.  Surprisingly there was still film inside.  Unfortunately when I took a photo the film came out overexposed and never developed correctly.  I guess my grandma was saving some film in hopes to capture another great memory.  I can only imagine what all was viewed through the lens of this vintage camera.


Today our instant gratification comes from digital images.  We often times take hundreds of photos at any given event or family outing.  When we start running low on space on our memory card we simply delete some we don’t like and continue snapping away.  Instead of taking a second photo to share with friends – we upload to Instagram.

Did you have an Instant Camera?  Was it a Kodak or Polaroid?  Did you wave your film in the air trying to make it develop quicker or were you patient enough to lay it down and wait?

Dwan can be found sharing her daily captures on Instagram and blogging about it over at

Let the Commencements Begin – Wordless Wednesday

WW---Congratulations-class-of-2014Walking across the stage to receive a diploma is a great milestone and deserves its recognition. Bring out the fog horns, cheek-pinching relatives, lei’s & champagne (for the parents of course) – and do what the graduates would and celebrate!

To the entire graduating class of 2014, good luck and congratulations!
Kindergarten, High School, Ph. D. – Which graduation will you be celebrating this year?

Partying like it’s 1990 – Wordless Wednesday

WW - 90's Collage[19]

Can you imagine an era where dial-up internet was the norm, and “the thing” for teenagers was to attach pagers to their overalls? Yup, those were the 90’s, and its been over 15 years since those good ol’ days. Boy, does time fly!

What defined the 1990’s era for you? Pogs, AOL, Dawson’s Creek? Tell us in the comments below!

Who’s a Good Boy – Wordless Wednesday

WW - Pet CollageShow some love for your pets! Whether it’s Theo the dog, Fluffy the cat or Henry the guinea pi – there’s no doubt that pets are members of our family we love unconditionally.

We want to see your extended family, share your favorite pet pictures with us!

The Final Weigh-In – Wordless Wednesday

For three months, 14 YesVideo employees have been working toward living a healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise, and will power for our Biggest Loser weight loss challenge. The results are in, and the winner whose dedication led to a loss of 22 lbs is … Dan!


Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! Way to set an inspiring example for everyone.