Tiers of Joy – Throwback Thursday

One of the highlights of my wedding was the cutting of the cake, because I insisted on using my grandmother’s recipe. After cutting the cake and feeding each other a bite I kissed him and said, “Now you’ve finally had a taste of my childhood.”

Bumper to Bumper – Throwback Thursday

The first driving experience of my life was with an instructor from a local driving school. Our first stop? The drive-thru of the nearest fast food joint so he could get some lunch … and he didn’t even share his fries with me.

What do you recall about your first driving experience?

Bath ‘n Bubbles – Throwback Thursday

Bubbles are like memories – delicate and joy inducing.

Did you know January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day? Don’t forget to celebrate!

Home video courtesy of Amiyrah Martin from www.4hatsandfrugal.com.

Winter Wonderland – Throwback Thursday

With every passing New Year there are some things that remains consistent, the winter season … and endless snowball fights.

Which activities do you look forward to every winter season?

Fireside Comfort – Throwback Thursday

Opening presents near an open fire is often the highlight of any Christmas celebration.


What’s your favorite fireside memory?


Snow Daze – #Throwback Thursday

Winter is here, and so is the snow! Today we look back at Baby Scott experiencing his first time in a  winter wonderland.

Do you remember the first time you saw snow?

Gobble Gobble Gobble –Throwback Thursday

There are other ingredients beyond the turkey and stuffing that complete a Thanksgiving meal. Don’t forget to help yourself to a big dose of quality time with family, friends, and the people that matter most to you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving year?

What do Turkey and Home Videos Have in Common?

This post is written by YesVideo CEO, Michael Chang.

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a major time for families to get together. There are some parts of this that we sometimes dread. Traffic is a bear with freeways and airports in gridlock. The turkey is often dry and parents will always give you advice, even into your 40’s and 50’s!  But one thing to look forward to is that we can rely on this special day to share family memories and stories.

Whether it is the old story of how Billie got his tongue stuck on the frozen telephone pole or how Diane’s perm before the prom went horribly wrong, they are the important because they make us laugh together.

Sharing memories brings a family together and unites them in a shared history. That history has come to life now in digital form, where it can be easily shared when apart…but has become even more meaningful when we are together.

Sharing memories brings a family together and unites them in a shared history.

We noticed an interesting pattern with our customers, now 450,000, who have entrusted YesVideo to store their most precious memories in the cloud.

4pm on Thanksgiving Day was the highest peak traffic time for our cloud service in 2013.  Guess what the 2 next busiest days were? The Friday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. We surveyed our customers and found that 25% of them watched their videos by themselves. 18% of them watched their videos with 1 other family member. And a whopping 57% of them watched their home videos with 2 or more family members – presumably on the couch after stuffing themselves with turkey.

4pm on Thanksgiving Day was the highest peak traffic time for our cloud service in 2013.

YesVideo has started a trend for families to take their family memories into the cloud.  30% of our customers share their accounts or share whole videos with their family members.  We must be onto something!

thanksgiving_michael_quoteWe look forward to being a part of every America’s Thanksgiving this year. We hope you have a memorable Thanksgiving with your family.


Michael Chang Photo

Michael Chang is CEO of YesVideo, the global leader in video transferring and sharing. He is responsible for defining the company’s market vision, and leading his team to continued success by creating innovative products and services for the millions of consumers that YesVideo serves.

Previously, Michael cofounded Greystripe, the largest brand focused mobile advertising network, and also served as CEO. ValueClick acquired Greystripe in 2011. Michael also worked at Incubic Venture Capital and was responsible for investments in Internet and software companies. Michael holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a BS in EE from Carnegie Mellon University.

Follow Michael Chang on Twitter: www.twitter.com/@michaelmchang


Team Scavenger Hunt – Throwback Thursday

Throwback to our first team building event – CLASH Scavenger Hunt through the streets of San Francisco.

After all the war paint and wild public interactions, we found YesVideo team love in all the right places (pun intended to Andres, below).







Click here to see a few other priceless moments from this eventful evening!

The Gift of Memories. In Time for Christmas.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the holidays? Give the gift of memories with a DVD of your best family memories.

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Online Orders

Placing your order online, and shipping to YesVideo on your own? Gather your memories, package them in advance. Account for shipping times, and make sure it arrives at YesVideo by 12/2.

If you’re gifting your videos to multiple family members, don’t forget to indicate the number of DVD copies you need at the time you place your order.

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