YesVideo Spotlight – Shelly Washington

There are a lot of hardworking YesVideo employees making sure your personal memories are well taken care of. Through our YesVideo Employee Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to those individuals so that you can to get to know them and gain a little insight into their personal story.


Shelly Washington, Customer Care Supervisor – YesVideo Norcross, GA Facility

“Shelly has been a pleasure to work with and always brings enthusiasm into the workplace!” – Kathy, Customer Service Manager

How long have you been with YesVideo?
I have been with YesVideo for 11 months – July 22nd will officially make it a year. Hopefully Kathy, my boss sitting next to me, will have a gift for me, a raise, and flowers – it’ll be a one year anniversary celebration.


Tell us about your favorite work related memory.
My work related memory has to be the situation I had with one of our customers. There was an issue with his order that made him very unhappy. I wanted to see what I could do, so I wrote to Michael our CEO explaining his story. Sure enough we went back into his order and solved every single issue he was unhappy with. He is now one of our most loyal customers. Not only does he still send us his media, but he even calls me to say hello. He actually sent a really big framed picture of himself so I could hang it on my wall! This was literally the best example of a negative turned into a positive.

Do you have a favorite activity outside of work?
Hosting parties. I love hosting parties! Being able to have some of your closest friends around you on any given night is never going to be a bad thing. The last one I had was a Girl’s Night in April, very spontaneous. We kept it simple with a lot of appetizers and wine, making it one of the best get-togethers I’ve had in a while. Nothing I love more than just being around people I enjoy.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?
There’s two of me – I have a twin and her name is Kelly. For the record, I am the oldest by 9 minutes and 40 seconds. It’s a big difference, I’m telling you.

Vintage Shelly

Who is who? Shelly (L) with twin sister Kelly (R) and their Mother

What is your life philosophy?
Work. Life. Balance. You have to have all this otherwise you go crazy. I think a lot of your success in life and overall happiness  is knowing how to balance everything you have. If you work too much and you have no social time – you don’t have balance and things will start going wrong. Work at work, and leave home at home.

Do you have a favorite type of cuisine?
Yes, sushi. I can eat it every day.

What would you say to someone who is just starting to learn about YesVideo?
We truly care about all the videos and film we receive and do our very best to make our customer’s happy. We speak directly with customers on a daily basis, hearing them tell stories about their media like “this movie was important because …” or “that photo was taken when …”, so we’re happy to offer any support toward their memories. We understand that preserving them is really important because we help build your legacy to live on for generations and generations.


Everyone at our YesVideo facility in Norcross, GA  is lucky to have you Shelly – we hope you visit us in California soon!

Throwback Thursday – All About the Bride

The wedding party has the task of making the bride and groom stand out on their big day. That means doing whatever they say and putting up with the fashion choices they decide. While the concept of matching bridesmaids dresses is always stylish, bridesmaids matching window curtains is a whole other story. Two words: faux pas.


Have some funny wedding moments you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Throwback Thursday – Joyous Liberties

Between the fireworks, raucous laughter, and beach parties, Independence Day has become the day of celebration. We’re getting in on the fun and are raising a toast to the country we call home, the diverse group of people who live in it, and to the freedoms we share.


To all our readers Happy Fourth of July!

The 5-second clip that reunited a former couple.

Here at the YesVideo Memory Factory, we’re handle a regular flow of home videos filled with an infinite list of family stories. When our customers watch them, some will laugh, some will cry, and some will share their favorite clips with their loved ones. Every now and then, however, the pressing of a “Play” button impacts our customers in ways that stops us flat on our feet.

Enter Bonnie Radford who used our service for the first time with one of her old film reels. She submitted a 42-year old film reel, which to her surprise, changed her life completely.

In short, watching her old video led Bonnie to reconnect and reunite herself with her former husband. But we’ll let Bonnie tell you the story in the clip below, via KSDK News Channel 5.


Bonnie is reminder of the power of nostalgia and the personal significance of the memories that we handle every day. We’re true believers that we’re not just “digitizing old movies”, but unlocking stories and priceless memories for the individuals that trust us with their videos.

If you have a story to tell about your home videos, we’d be delighted to hear it. Please comment below, or send us an email directly at

Throwback Thursday – Fun in the Sun

Summer is here, and with its arrival comes the need to pack your bags and head out for a family vacation. If there’s something to take away from this vintage clip – it’s that the beach is  always a desirable destination. What’s not to love? Soft sand on your feet, cool ocean breeze, and the sheer enjoyment of watching your loved ones splash around in the water. It actually sounds quite ideal.

Tell us what your family’s favorite beach activity in the comment section below!


YesVideo at iRetreat 2014

YesVideo-at-iRetreat-2014-featureimageSummer is here and we’re making an appearance at iRetreat 2014 in Hershey, PA. We’ll be at the Expo hall on Monday 6/22, with former YesVideo ambassadors, Lolli from and Anne from, supporting YesVideo throughout the conference.

If you’re in attendance, don’t hesitate to say Hello! We have some great giveaways to jumpstart some Storytellers in sharing their family memories, and look forward to meeting some incredible online influencers in the blog community.

Are you a blogger, but cannot attend iRetreat? Leave us a comment below to get you started on sharing your family memories.

Throwback Thursday – Turning Over The Keys

A month has gone by and the place we called home has become a shell of itself.


We’re walking down our own memory lane and are remembering all the company parties, funny pranks, and personal friendships that occurred here. We’re taking all the things we learned here, and bringing it to our new building – here’s to keeping those memories alive.

Digitize Dad’s Home Videos. He’ll Never Forget it.


Dad. The family mechanic, handyman, garden master, security guard – and videographer. Dads are meticulous for wandering around family occasions squinting through a camera viewfinder – filming everything from family BBQs, the new picket fence, and the sights from the family vacations.


While we were more likely to say “put down the camera, Dad!” as we blocking our timid faces, Dad has always had a goal to capture the most spontaneous and intimate of family moments. What appeared to be just a series of videos to us is, in Dad’s eyes, a documentation of the family he’s worked so hard to raise and protect.

Dad may always want stronger power tools, louder mowers, or hotter BBQ grills, but he’ll never expect the preservation of the family’s history through the years.  Catch Dad off-guard by transferring the box of tapes & reels that have been resting in the closet.

Ordering today won’t have the memories digitized by Father’s Day, but taking the box of videos from his hands will still let him remember this Father’s Day as each time he watches the old home videos.


Want to save 25% and support our Veterans? Prepare your order at and enter the promo code HEROES. We’ll donate $20 for every $100 spent to the Fisher House Foundation to support those who served to protect our country. Offer valid through 6/15.

Happy Father’s Day!

Throwback Thursday – Father’s Day

There’s a stigma to look at our father’s as tough, disciplinarians. But when we go back into our old movies, we occasionally get caught off guard by catching sides of Dad we don’t always see – like making playful gestures he makes at his newborn grandchildren. The behavior becomes infectious, because we can’t help but be glad to see another side to the man we call Dad.

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday so tell your Dad how much you love him.

YESography – Kailone “Tyrone” Moega

There are a lot of hardworking YesVideo employees making sure your personal memories are well taken care of. Through our YesVideo Employee Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to those individuals so that you can to get to know them and gain a little insight into their personal story.


Kailone (Tyrone), YesVideo Direct Order Entry Crew

“When I first met Kailone, I was afraid of him because of how tall and stern he looked. But it turns out he’s a big sweetheart with a wonderful sense of humor. There’s never dull moment working with him.”

- Sherill, YesVideo Direct Order Entry Crew

How long have you been with YesVideo?
I’ve been with YesVideo for 4-years. My cousin Samantha worked with the company and told me there was an opening, so I jumped at the opportunity. Since starting here I’ve worked several departments from video to slides, eventually leading me to direct online orders. I’ve been in this position for almost 3 years.

YESography Quote - TYRONE

What is your favorite work related memory?
Our department lunches. The department I work in is very small, 5-10 people at most, and over time we’ve become really close. Everyday for lunch a small bunch of us get together in the break room to chit chat about anything and everything non-work related and make the most of our down time. We eat together as a family, we laugh together as a family, we work together as a family.

What would people be surprised to find out about you?
I play(ed) the violin. We had a class field trip to see a performance of the San Jose Symphony and at the moment I said “I want to do that,” so I did. I signed up through the music program at school and played in an orchestra from 3rd grade to my senior year in high school.

Do you have a life philosophy?
Live each day as if it were your last. There was a time in my family where we lost someone almost every month over a six-month period, and only then it hit me time is short. It may be a cliche, but truth is you never know when certain moments will be your last.


What is your life’s passion?
Volleyball. My entire family plays volleyball and to this day we have weekly family/friend matches, so it was something I picked up growing up. The game is such a part of my family history that it’s not even about playing or competing, but has become a way for me to relax and get my mind off things.

What would you say to someone who is just starting to learn about YesVideo?
Save your memories, they’re worth re-living.


We loved hearing your stories Kailone a.k.a. Tyrone, we’re very lucky to have you on the YesVideo team!