Gone Fishin’ – Throwback Thursday

I remember waking up at 3:30 AM to get ready for all of our family’s fishing trip. Our first stop was always the beach to dig for our own bait. Dad and Grandpa would dig for the worms, Grandma would be holding the bucket, and Mom, my sister and I would be holding the flashlights until the sun rose. It was the family activity that always made our family bond stronger.

Open Road – Throwback Thursday

Family vacations typically meant visiting relatives I have never heard of in places I didn’t want to be. Then my parents surprised my sister and I with a camping trip where we did nothing but cook, swim in the lake, and play games around the fire. Never again did I cringe at the words ‘family vacation’ after that.

The Reason Why – Throwback Thursday

I can write you a list of reasons as to why I married my husband, but none of them compare to the fact that for the past 12 years he has constantly made me laugh … and that makes me happy.

What trait do you most admire in your significant other?

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Ship to Shore – Throwback Thursday

My childhood friend and I used to play the game Battleship with walkie talkies because it sounded like we were real captains giving commands. It’s one of my favorite memories growing up because till this day, I can’t name one person who played that game the same way we did.

Snapshots – Throwback Thursday

The role behind the camera is extremely important. Whoever takes on that position has the inherent responsibility of capturing a moment worth seeing again and again.

Tiers of Joy – Throwback Thursday

One of the highlights of my wedding was the cutting of the cake, because I insisted on using my grandmother’s recipe. After cutting the cake and feeding each other a bite I kissed him and said, “Now you’ve finally had a taste of my childhood.”

Bumper to Bumper – Throwback Thursday

The first driving experience of my life was with an instructor from a local driving school. Our first stop? The drive-thru of the nearest fast food joint so he could get some lunch … and he didn’t even share his fries with me.

What do you recall about your first driving experience?

Bath ‘n Bubbles – Throwback Thursday

Bubbles are like memories – delicate and joy inducing.

Did you know January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day? Don’t forget to celebrate!

Home video courtesy of Amiyrah Martin from www.4hatsandfrugal.com.

Winter Wonderland – Throwback Thursday

With every passing New Year there are some things that remains consistent, the winter season … and endless snowball fights.

Which activities do you look forward to every winter season?