Award Winning Customer Care Team – Wordless Wednesday

This week’s feature – YesVideo’s Customer Care team! Call YesVideo’s support line, and you’ll be personally assisted by one of our fabulous call reps. This is the team that earned YesVideo the Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year in Best in Biz Awards 2012 (read about it here!)

Today we are featuring a beautiful scenic photo from Potato Chip Cats.



  1. I love seeing the people behind the company and the customer service! Looks like a really great place to work.

  2. Awww Love seeing the crew! Great WW post.

  3. What a fun picture! Congrats on the award. It’s wonderful to be recognized for good work!

  4. Proper customer care can certainly make the business.

  5. Great smiles on all those great faces!

  6. It’s nice to see people with different nationalities.

    My WW is kitchen remodeling and thick snow. Happy wordless Wednesday!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my photo, and congrats on your award! A LIVE, helpful customer service team is so important.