The Bicycle. The Icon to Childhood Summer Memories.

This article is written by Eber Legarreta, Marketing Communications Specialist at YesVideo. With the approach of this year’s Tour de France, he reflects how the bicycle leads him to remember some of his best summer memories as a child.

This Saturday, June 29, 2013 will be the beginning 100th annual Tour de France. In the world of professional cycling, this is the largest, and most challenging bike race of the year – attracting millions of cycling fans from all over the world to the streets of France.

Maurice Garin. Winner of the first Tour de France in 1903.

Outside of the grandeur that the race is to the sport of cycling, the Tour celebrates it’s 100th race – following 100 years of history in a sport that relies on a machine that symbolizes the epitome of freedom and adventure before most of us got the keys to our first car. The bicycle.

I must admit I’m biased as a cyclist and fan of the sport; but anticipating the event, I can’t help but get a strong sense of nostalgia – flashing back to my first bike. It was a black and neon orange Huffy bicycle, complete with a shiny set of training wheels. I remember riding all summer, and stealing my Dad’s wrench when a sense of 9-year old bravery led me to remove my own training wheels. A bad idea initially (suffering a few scrapes and bruises), but ultimately rewarding in the end – allowing me to embrace the wind in my face on only two wheels.

It disappoints me that there is no video or photo of this iconic event in my life. Although considering I committed this feat without my parents’ discretion, I only have my young self to blame. But I am thankful for the collection of childhood adventures that would never have occurred, were it not for my group of friends, bright summer sun, and our bicycles.

My new cycling gang. Completing our first 100 mile ride while raising money to cure Diabetes.

The bicycle will forever be an icon for my childhood summer memories – as it transitioned into my passion in the sport today. While I’m not yet a parent; I am an Uncle, and I look forward in excitement to be a part of my nieces nephews’ bicycling experiences. And with today’s access to sports cameras, I can’t wait to strap a camera on their helmets or handlebars to see their expressions as they earn their first sense of freedom on their first bicycles.

Do you remember your first bike? What reminds you of your favorite memories as a kid?