Our Blogaversary Celebration and We are Giving the Gifts!

That’s right, we are celebrating our blog’s one year anniversary!  This year has been a success in the launch of our blog and we have been honored to have so many bloggers join us to share their stories.

Our CEO, Michael Chang, came on board to share his insights on how home movies are collecting more than dust and his personal experience of how the cloud could save a marriage.

We participated weekly in the Wordless Wednesday linkup around the blogosphere and enjoyed spotlighting individual blogger’s photos each week along with sharing our behind the scenes photos of what was taking place at YesVideo.

Throwback Thursday has become a hot trend around YesVideo since we love reminiscing through vintage home movies.  And while we are on the topic of celebrations, did you see our Throwback Thursday video of Rachael blowing out trick birthday candles?

We featured guest posts such as 12 Traditions for Creating Birthday Memories, Making Memories Family Traditions and how home movies and online sharing is the best way to keep in touch with family even while living overseas.

The employees of YesVideo joined together to offer expert posts monthly.  From giving you a behind the scenes tour of YesVideo’s security measures to a timeline of personal cameras – film to digital.

and that’s just to name a few!

The best part of this past year was connecting with so many of you through Facebook and Twitter, seeing your personal memories be shared and being able to be a part of preserving those memories for you!

To celebrate the past year and to get everyone excited about the year ahead of us we are giving away FIVE $100 YesVideo transfer service gift cards.

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  1. Shannon S. says:

    we are celebrating our son’s first birthday!!

  2. Our 5-year wedding anniversary is next month! And Rebecca turned 1 and Ryan will turn 4, eek!

  3. It’s our son’s 30th birthday this summer, not to mention daughter’s 28th birthday!

  4. We have a big family Reunion!Will be so fun to see far away family :)

  5. Danna Wolf says:

    I intend to celebrate my birthday this year.

  6. Katie Roch says:

    I’ll be celebrating my college graduation

  7. CharityS says:

    We have a couple of college graduations coming up in my family.

  8. Eber Legarreta says:

    Celebrating the return of Baseball!!!
    And my uncles’s bday 😛

  9. Carly Butwell says:

    First wedding anniversary in October!

  10. My birthday and my first full time employee’s 1 year anniversary.

  11. our wedding anniversary

  12. We’re celebrating mile stone birthdays for our 3 yr old and 7 yr old

  13. All of our birthdays, plus my 1 year blogaversary too! :)

  14. Sharleen says:

    Getting married this summer :-)

  15. Annamarie Magee says:

    My 5th wedding anniversary is this year so I want love to do something special.

  16. Stephanie Larison says:

    Our 5 year anniversary this year! :)

  17. Karen T Gonyea says:

    Daughter’s 18th Birthday :)

  18. Leslie S. says:

    My father’s retirement (finally) and hopefully my niece’s weeding to her longtime girlfriend! 😀

  19. We are celebrating a son graduating from high school.

  20. Cathy Johnson says:

    We just had our 30 years wedding anniversary March 25th!

  21. We are celebrating my husband’s retirement after 20 years in the US Navy!

  22. Just converetd a whole bunch of old VHS tapes to DVD- Excellent job !! I will be returning with my 8 mm cassettes ! Happy Anniversary :)

    • Thanks for the blogaversary wishes! We are so thrilled to hear your transfer order was successful. Enjoy watching and reliving those old family moments :-)

  23. I will be celebrating a birthday this year!

  24. John Kennedy says:

    Looking forward to transitioning all my home VHS videos to digital this year.

  25. We are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary!

    • Congrats, Chris. 15 years is a wonderful milestone to reach together. Wishing you many more years filled with happy memories.

  26. We celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Very special event! Plus it was a surprise for my parents, which made is doubly special.

    • Jill, that is amazing. 50 years! We hope you captured the surprise on video. What a wonderful thing your family did by throwing the party.

  27. 25 year anniversary and 52,000 miles running (not related)

  28. Enjoyed Michael’s article about cloud storage. It truly does take the stress out of file storage.

  29. I’m celebrating the rebirth of my photography business, without the high overhead of a retail space

  30. Katie Lewallen says:

    My daughter just turned two years old and looking to celebrate three years with her father this year, though I have known him for nearly 30 years!!

  31. I love seeing my old films on your site.

  32. so much to celebrate. Moved into our new home Easter weekend. Our youngest son returns from Afghanistan in June. My 2 sisters will be coming for an extended visit. 3 Family Reunions and one wedding. A wonderful year!

  33. Angelina says:

    We will celebrate our 50th wedding aniversary this summer!

  34. Congrats on 1 yr Anniversary!! We have so many reasons to celebrate this year! Besides weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. we’re celebrating LIFE! :)

  35. Celebrating 3 new babies in the family!!

  36. Between now and the end of July, our family – us, children and grand children will celebrate TWELVE birthdays and THREE anniversaries! Congratulations on your FIRST birthday, here’s to enjoying life and making memories!

  37. We are celebrating the upcoming birth of our first precious granddaughter!

  38. Rosemary says:

    I’m celebrating my Spiritual Birthday! This is the anniversary of my baptism!

  39. Kathy Shaw says:

    I am going to get my 6 surviving children together for a reunion to celebrate the lifeof my son who passed away in 1998.

  40. Need to transfer many 8mm rolls from early 1950’s. Navy pilot movies, three children growing up, annual celebrations, etc.

  41. Life! Coming Retirement! Children testing their wings!

  42. I am going to celebrate my 40th Birthday this year!

  43. Sandra Barnett says:

    A grandson graduating from high school!

  44. I’m celebrating transferring family 8mm film to DVD after 50 years! My family loves it!

    • 50 year old vintage home movies are so great to see. Do you remember the events featured on film or are they of your parents and grandparents?

  45. We’re we’re extremely pleased with the quality of the DVDs we received back from Yes Video. We are looking forward to getting the rest of our families VHS tapes converted

    • Alan, we are pleased to hear that your transfer turned out well. We hope you are enjoying sharing those home movie clips with family and friends online. Let us know if we can help with your future orders.

  46. Merilee Jackson says:

    Celebrating my 49th birthday on Mother’s Day.

  47. Mary Kay says:

    We are celebrating Mom’s 100th birthday this year!

  48. Bernard McGrath says:

    We are celebrating out 44th Anniversary of Wedded bliss and I am celebrating my 70th birthday.

  49. I am celebrating the transition to a permanent home this year! No more rentals sounds good!

  50. Katherine Cross says:

    We are celebrating two graduations! My sister and my MIL.

  51. We are celebrating the birth of our granddaughter (our son’s daughter), and my daughters graduation from college.

  52. Susan Broughton says:

    We will be celebrating our 32nd year wedding anniversary.

  53. Love the results of my 8mm transfers. says:

    Great results on my 8mm transfers!!!!!

  54. My daughter’s 20th birthday! And my first DVD order — when she was just a baby :-)

    • I bet it’s wonderful to reminisce on those old memories from 20 years ago. Was she surprised to see the old home movies?

  55. Steve Lanz says:

    Birth of our second grandson today.

  56. My taxes are done! Go Giants

  57. I am celebrating this beautiful country God has given to us and all of the blessings we receive from Him every day. I am grieving for my fellow Americans who have suffered tragedy this past week and praying for their families. Please join me as we move forward.

  58. Wendy W. says:

    I was very happy with the movies that you turned into DVDs for me, but I have lots more!!

    • Wendy, we are so happy to hear your DVDs turned out great. We can’t wait to help preserve the rest of your family memories.

  59. Pam Mullins says:

    We are celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary, our grandson’s 5th birthday, a new granddaughter, and my grandfather’s 94th birthday!

  60. So many celebrations in our household too. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary with many more to follow I hope.

  61. Michael Chang says:

    Tomorrow we are celebrating Connor’s 3 year birthday! Going to Benihana.

  62. i might celebrate my birthday this year, maybe

  63. Francis C Cammans says:

    May 25,2013 will be our 60th wedding anniversy. boy! have we a alot of filens converted and more to come.

  64. Celebrating every day Obama being president!

  65. Dennis a. Morrill says:

    We’ve been converting my families memories over from 8mm to dvd over the last year & we love the results when they arrive in the mail. I have lots more to do this next year!!!

    • Dennis, we hope you are enjoying sharing your memories online with family and friends. We can’t wait to help with your next order.

  66. My first born graduates from High School this year. Woo hoo! Happy bloggerversary.

  67. Mary Clisch says:

    Son’s graduation from college, birthdays, anniversary

  68. I started my own homebased business – a Bed & Breakfast!

  69. kelsie lee burkhart says:

    Celebrating my 25th bday in august, my boyfriends 34th bday in october, our 3yr anniversary in november

  70. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Our 12 wedding anniversary and our baby turns 2!

  71. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

  72. Kristyn Feldman says:

    I am celebrating a new job!

  73. shannon cote says:

    We got some old movies of our girls converted to DVD. They love watching them!

  74. We’ll be celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary this year!

  75. Celebrating my mother-in-law’s remission after having had a bone marrow transplant. Also celebrating 14 years of marriage to my wonderful wife! Lots to be thankful for!

  76. Harry Christian says:

    We’ll be celebrating a dear friend turning 50 this year!

  77. Celebrating 9 years married, 2 kids (4 & 1 years old)

  78. Annie Gryncel says:

    My daughter is getting married this year.

  79. Kimberly Palladino says:

    This year is our 10 year wedding anniversary and our 20 year HS reunions. Wow!

  80. I compiled videos – five minutes of each of my two kids first ten birthdays. These are now on YesVideo up in the cloud. When their kids have a birthday, I send them a clip of their birthday at the same age.

  81. We’re celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in July!

  82. I am celebrating my birthday

  83. Pat Cortez says:

    Love the dvd’s you made from pictures of my three children when toddlers +. My son passed away in 1998 and reliving his childhood moments is such a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Thank-you.

  84. Finishing school this year.

  85. I celebrate birthdays.

  86. Francis C Cammans says:

    You have preserved tons of our Family History. We are now able to shaare it with ALL the family at a resonable cost. It is History Thanks

  87. I’m celebrating my 25th High School reunion :)

  88. Carol Fitzpatrick says:

    Celebrating a Baptism

  89. We’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday along with our 4th anniversary & my oldest daughter graduating high school!

  90. Gabrielle says:

    Birthdays! for the whole family!

  91. Samantha Palefau says:

    We are celebrating our son’s first steps this month! Once he figured it out hasn’t stopped walking!

  92. My sister is getting married this year!

  93. jacqueline says:

    celebrating a good friends wedding

  94. Jan Cleveland says:

    I am celebrating a wedding this year! And an empty nest after 29 years!

  95. My son’s upcoming High School Graduation.

  96. Ms Denise M DiFalco says:

    You captured our Wedding day in 2003 and my heart still pitter patters when my spouse enters the room

  97. Ms Denise M DiFalco says:

    The oldest house in Romeo, MI is where we chose to get married

  98. Ms Denise M DiFalco says:

    This summer we will be spending a lot of time with our grandchildren and taking videos. Thank Goodness for Yes~

  99. We just celebrated my father in laws 70th bday

    sibabe64 a ptd dot net

  100. anniversary

  101. Happy blogiversary! That sounds like a terrific year. I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  102. Friend’s wedding and babies!!

  103. HB2U! I’m celebrating our family’s first garden. It’s amazing to watch everyone and everything grow around our home.

  104. My boys are celebrating their fake birthdays with their school pals. Since their birthdays are in December during winter break, they never can have their friends over for their birthday party. This is a good compromise!

  105. New baby, 5th anniversary, new home with lots of projects and a new career direction!

  106. I’m celebrating my nephews’ birthdays

  107. wedding anniversary


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