Bringing Memories Of Loved Ones Back To Life

Growing up in a close family meant spending a lot of time together. My grandparents had a three family house and we lived on the second floor. My aunt and uncle lived above us, with my grandparents and uncle below us. Our doors to the back hall stairs stayed unlocked which meant people coming and going all the time. The rest of the family lived down the street so they were also always there. Our house was literally like Grand Central station. We probably ate dinner together at least three times a week and we were always together at the holidays.
mom and gram

As the younger ones grew up and got married, we moved to our own houses and only got together on Sundays for dinner. We would still always spend Holidays together. One Thanksgiving my aunt bought this new devise called a video camera and had it set up before we ate dinner. We were all in amazement that you not only saw everything in color but you could hear us too! When you watched the video, it was pretty evident this was the first holiday any of us had even seen a video camera. It captured the chaos of our holidays in pure form.

As years passed, my mom stayed in that three family house and took care of my grandparents as they aged. We then lost my grandfather, my aunt at only 35, and my grandmother. Every holiday we would reminisce about the funny things that happened when we were all together.

Technology grew and we weren’t able to watch our videos to see our loved ones. I was then introduced to YesVideo. I sent random tapes to be transferred onto DVD, never really paying much attention to the labels on the VHS. Imagine my surprise when I found our very first holiday with a video camera! It was an amazing blast from the past. Not only was I able to see everyone, but it was quite comical to see everyone’s reaction to this brand new technology and trying to explain the concept of a video camera to my grandfather.

I recently surprised my mom with the DVD and when she ever saw her mom, dad, and sister her face lit up and tears came streaming down her cheeks. She was able to hear their voices and relive that wonderful-and chaotic-Thanksgiving. We laughed at everyone’s reaction to the video camera and cringed at the clothes we were wearing. I plan on getting additional copies to surprise other family members with our “family treasures”… Memories!

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