Capturing family and kids events on video!

As many parents have done in the past, when my wife and I found out that we were pregnant for the first time we rushed out and found a top of the line (at the time) video camera as we wanted to capture all of the important moments of our child. When she was born, we diligently took video of the important events like her first bath, first feeding, first steps, and first words. Yet, as is often the case, we started losing this habit and began to forget to take out the video camera. When our second child was born we were again not as diligent as we were with our first child. I am not bringing all of this out because I see us as bad parents, but instead because we forget to do this for a while and then remembered again.

Recently though, our oldest daughter started asking about the videos and my wife and I started to realize that we had not even looked at the videos that we had taken for some time and we made the conscious effort to bring them out and start to share them with the kids. The kids loved it and I think we will definitely continue to do this into the future as when they see this they realize all of the things that we did with them and how much they were and are loved.

While we were watching these videos I came to realize as well that the only way in which we can watch these at this time is through connecting the video camera to the television itself because it uses 8mm tapes. With this in mind I was very excited to learn more about YesVideo and the services that they provide as I can now send my videos to them and I get back a DVD or BluRay in return and no longer do I have to rely on the Video Camera itself. Instead, all that I have to do is rely on this service to turn around my videos quickly with relative low cost and then I get back a high quality recording that I can use and share easily with others.

If you are like me and find that you have done the same thing with your videos, dust them off and send them off to YesVideo, you will not be disappointed that you did!