Capturing Memories in Photographs Rather Than Video

Capturing memories is what parenting is all about, we thrive to capture our children’s lives as often as possible in photographs or film. As the children grow older it is a wonderful thing to sit down as a family and enjoy some of the previous years videos, but what about capturing video type moments via photography? Since I rarely have my video camera on me I end up capturing action shots via my smartphone camera and some of the wonderful stories I have blogged about came from those “action shots” captured in a spare moment.

Take my family dog, Jenny the Pug, for example; most recently we captured her smiling on camera but it took many clicks of that camera button to capture what ended up being this cute three picture moment between my daughter and our beloved pet.

Seen here, Jenny the Pug is about to be tickled by my nine year old daughter. You can see Jenny anticipating what my daughter is going to do for this is their nightly routine.

Although the picture quality is not as great as one would get with a real camera, our smartphone camera does capture cute moments in action when there isn’t time for one to pull out a real camera.  Above you will see that Jenny the Pug is about to break out in laughter while my daughter tickles her.

Last but not least you can clearly see that this sweet dog has broken out in laughter. A memory preserved via a simple smartphone camera that will be revisited in later years with my hyper children who can handle looking at a few action picture shots more than they can handle sitting through a long home video.

Although capturing action in photographs may not be suitable for everyone, it is fun to look back at.

What ways do you capture action moments using your camera at home?