The Journey is the Destination – Throwback Thursday

I never would have gotten to know my family the way I do now had it not been for a road trip. In my experience, the longest roads driven bring the deepest conversations and most personal revelations.

Aerial View – Throwback Thursday

Nervous wouldn’t begin to describe how I felt the first time I set foot into small passenger plane. All my nerves went away, however, the moment I looked out the window and saw lush green all around me. I remember my nerves, but I remember the view from the top even more.

Travel Log – Throwback Thursday

Video can never capture the smell or thrill that comes along with traveling, but it sure is the next best thing.

Scouts Honor – Throwback Thursday

Camp sessions with my closets friends in 1976.

Summer Community Swimming Pool – Throwback Thursday

When the Summer Sun is a full blast, it calls for a perfect time to dive into the nearest swimming

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pool. Even attracts all the kids’ moms dressed their Sunday-best!

Vintage 8mm movie film from 1960.

Ocean Run – Wordless Wednesday

WW - Ocean Breeze

The most memorable moment of any beach visit is walking along that damp sand and having a wave graze over your feet for the first time.

Summer Play Day – Wordless Wednesday


The annual Summer Picnic thrown by our neighbors at KeyPoint Credit Union where we all enjoyed some yummy

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BBQ and fun carnival games. Even adults need their play day, right?

Summer Harvest – Throwback Thursday

I come from a family of farmers and harvesting vegetables was one of my all time favorite things to do as a kid. It sounds so boring but something about rustling through an eden of leaves to pick a ruby red tomato or find a ripe eggplant always felt like some kind of treasure hunt. It was the one summer “chore” I actually looked forward to doing.

Champagne Kisses – Throwback Thursday

My husband slightly giggled when we kissed after the final toast on our wedding day. When I asked if it was the champagne he said, “No, I’m just excited to be married to the love of my life.”

Honor & Freedom – Throwback Thursday

I can’t tell you all the details of the parade, but I can tell you we were celebrating our Freedom.

Everyone at YesVideo would like to wish you a memorable and safe Fourth of July!