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Michael Chang, our CEO, taking a group shot with his fellow panelists at SXSW.

YesVideo Android App has Arrived!


The YesVideo Android app is now available from the Google Play Store. The new app allows you to view your entire library of vintage video memories on-the-go. Father and son can reminisce over Dad’s first home run, Mom and her girlfriends can share videos of their children’s first steps, and Grandma and Grandpa can relive their young love – all from the new Android App.

  • Watch your home movies anywhere. Sign In to your YesVideo Online account with your personal log-in or Facebook account. Seconds later, all your transferred memories are at your fingertips ready to stream from your Android.
  • Jump to your favorite chapters instantly. No more rewinding or fast-forwarding. Chapters and thumbnail images allow you to jump right to your favorite scene instantly.

Click here to download the YesVideo app for your Android!

This App is to view and share videos that you have transferred with YesVideo, or a YesVideo Retail partner that also offers online viewing. Want to transfer your memories? Get started at

What do Turkey and Home Videos Have in Common?

This post is written by YesVideo CEO, Michael Chang.

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a major time for families to get together. There are some parts of this that we sometimes dread. Traffic is a bear with freeways and airports in gridlock. The turkey is often dry and parents will always give you advice, even into your 40’s and 50’s!  But one thing to look forward to is that we can rely on this special day to share family memories and stories.

Whether it is the old story of how Billie got his tongue stuck on the frozen telephone pole or how Diane’s perm before the prom went horribly wrong, they are the important because they make us laugh together.

Sharing memories brings a family together and unites them in a shared history. That history has come to life now in digital form, where it can be easily shared when apart…but has become even more meaningful when we are together.

Sharing memories brings a family together and unites them in a shared history.

We noticed an interesting pattern with our customers, now 450,000, who have entrusted YesVideo to store their most precious memories in the cloud.

4pm on Thanksgiving Day was the highest peak traffic time for our cloud service in 2013.  Guess what the 2 next busiest days were? The Friday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. We surveyed our customers and found that 25% of them watched their videos by themselves. 18% of them watched their videos with 1 other family member. And a whopping 57% of them watched their home videos with 2 or more family members – presumably on the couch after stuffing themselves with turkey.

4pm on Thanksgiving Day was the highest peak traffic time for our cloud service in 2013.

YesVideo has started a trend for families to take their family memories into the cloud.  30% of our customers share their accounts or share whole videos with their family members.  We must be onto something!

thanksgiving_michael_quoteWe look forward to being a part of every America’s Thanksgiving this year. We hope you have a memorable Thanksgiving with your family.


Michael Chang Photo

Michael Chang is CEO of YesVideo, the global leader in video transferring and sharing. He is responsible for defining the company’s market vision, and leading his team to continued success by creating innovative products and services for the millions of consumers that YesVideo serves.

Previously, Michael cofounded Greystripe, the largest brand focused mobile advertising network, and also served as CEO. ValueClick acquired Greystripe in 2011. Michael also worked at Incubic Venture Capital and was responsible for investments in Internet and software companies. Michael holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a BS in EE from Carnegie Mellon University.

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The Gift of Memories. In Time for Christmas.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the holidays? Give the gift of memories with a DVD of your best family memories.

These last two months are the busiest time of the year for us. We’re working around the clock, and orders may take up to four weeks to complete. To guarantee you’ll receive your DVDs in time for Christmas, send in your order early to allow time for shipping by the following deadlines:

In-Store Orders

If you are dropping off your order at your favorite retail location, be sure you bring it to your store’s photo counter by 12/2.

Online Orders

Placing your order online, and shipping to YesVideo on your own? Gather your memories, package them in advance. Account for shipping times, and make sure it arrives at YesVideo by 12/2.

If you’re gifting your videos to multiple family members, don’t forget to indicate the number of DVD copies you need at the time you place your order.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Our Customer Care representatives are available at 1-877-817-5375.

Click here to find your nearest store & place your order.


America’s Number One Home Media Transfer Service, YesVideo, Wins Salesforce 2014 Service Surfboard Award

YesVideo’s excellent customer service recognized for second time

Santa Clara, CA (October 15, 2014) — Today YesVideo announces it has received the Salesforce Anytime, Anywhere Award at the 2014 Service Surfboard Awards.  As the largest and most trusted media transfer service in the country, YesVideo has now served over eight million families across the United States by transferring vintage videos and photos to online and DVD. The Salesforce Service award, which recognizes remarkable customer service, will be presented at Dreamforce 2014, the world’s largest vendor-led technology gathering, on Oct. 15 in San Francisco. In 2012 YesVideo was named the Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year by the Best in Biz Awards.

This announcement comes fresh on the heels of YesVideo’s recent launch of Legacy Republic, the first and only mission-driven marketplace that aims to salvage over two billion video and photo album memories by connecting consumers to Legacy Maker consultants.Already trusted by Costco, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS  and other retailers, YesVideoleads the way in technology, customer service, and satisfaction.

The Salesforce Service Surfboard Awards is an annual awards program honoring’s consulting partner ecosystem for the contributions they have made in helping customers leverage social and mobile cloud technologies to accelerate customer company transformation. Award winners are honored at’s annual Dreamforce conference at the Drake Hotel in San Francisco.

“We’re honored to receive recognition in an area we take such pride,” said Lisa McCabe, VP of Operations of YesVideo. “We’re entrusted to handle irreplaceable family videos and photos, and treating these mementos with white-glove care has always been priority in keeping our customers happy.”

YesVideo’s Salesforce strategic customer support initiative was designed and implemented in partnership with West Coast Consulting, a public and private cloud strategy consulting company.

YesVideo specializes in transferring personal home media to the cloud with the goal of preserving family legacy forever. Customers can drop off their film (8mm, 16mm, VHS, Beta), prints, slides and photo albums at one of the company’s 34,000 retail locations, which include Costco, CVS and Walmart; they can also order services through hundreds of Legacy Republic Consultants around the country

Once transferred, videos and media can be easily edited, watched on any device and shared directly via email or Facebook. YesVideo’s service includes free and unlimited cloud storage, so all customers have an accessible place to store, share and customize their personal media. Customer’s vintage video memories can be streamed through many devices, from AirPlay to Apple TVs and monitors.

For more information on how to become a part of the YesVideo legacy and bring your memories to the cloud, please visit, or visit the iTunes store to download the free app:
About YesVideo:
YesVideo brings back memories.

Stop and picture your favorite family memories. Relive them in your mind…the most special moments of life, experienced with the ones you love…. weddings, graduations, birthdays….

But those memories are often being held hostage, with old VHS tapes and film reels collecting dust in closets, attics, basements and garages.

YesVideo can bring back those memories. We turn old family tapes and films into online videos that you can watch and enjoy over and over again on your computer, connected TV, smartphone, or tablet. And, you can also share them by email or on Facebook.

8 million customers have already trusted YesVideo with their favorite video memories. Retailers including Costco, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and CVS rely on YesVideo to handle all of their video transfer needs. And once we put your video memories online, they are safe & secure, for good; we will store your videos online for you, for free, forever.

About West Coast Consulting Group:
West Coast Consulting Group helps customers achieve business success in the Cloud. We leverage our in-depth business experience and technical knowledge to define your Cloud strategy. We also help program-manage your deployments to meet your goals and transform your business processes.

As a pioneer of cloud technology, West Coast Consulting Group has established partnerships with the leading cloud solution providers such as, Google and NetSuite to implement proven and cost effective cloud solutions.

West Coast Consulting Group donates 1% of its revenues, 1% of its consulting time to helping non-profits implement advanced technology.  For more information about West Coast Consulting Group please

Media Contact for YesVideo:
Rachael Himsel
VSC Consulting for YesVideo
415.677.9125 x 257

Legacy Republic – Wordless Wednesday


Months in the making, we’re thrilled to introduce our new division, Legacy Republic, launching today! If there’s a shared idea our Legacy Makers bond over, it’s that memories matter.

Be sure to check out for more details.

The 5-second clip that reunited a former couple.

Here at the YesVideo Memory Factory, we’re handle a regular flow of home videos filled with an infinite list of family stories. When our customers watch them, some will laugh, some will cry, and some will share their favorite clips with their loved ones. Every now and then, however, the pressing of a “Play” button impacts our customers in ways that stops us flat on our feet.

Enter Bonnie Radford who used our service for the first time with one of her old film reels. She submitted a 42-year old film reel, which to her surprise, changed her life completely.

In short, watching her old video led Bonnie to reconnect and reunite herself with her former husband. But we’ll let Bonnie tell you the story in the clip below, via KSDK News Channel 5.


Bonnie is reminder of the power of nostalgia and the personal significance of the memories

that we handle every day. We’re true believers that we’re not just “digitizing old movies”, but unlocking stories and priceless memories for the individuals that trust us with their videos.

If you have a story to tell about your home videos, we’d be delighted to hear it. Please comment below, or send us an email directly at

YesVideo at iRetreat 2014

YesVideo-at-iRetreat-2014-featureimageSummer is here and we’re making an appearance at iRetreat 2014 in Hershey, PA. We’ll be at the Expo hall on Monday 6/22, with former YesVideo ambassadors, Lolli from and Anne from, supporting YesVideo throughout the conference.

If you’re in attendance, don’t hesitate to say Hello! We have some great giveaways to jumpstart some Storytellers in sharing their family memories, and look forward to meeting some incredible online influencers in the blog community.

Are you a blogger, but cannot attend iRetreat? Leave us a comment below to get you started on sharing your family memories.

YesVideo’s Mission: Saving America’s Memories

TouchCast recently collaborated with some of the country’s innovative leaders, asking them what hard problems their companies face in this current technological age. Using their integrated platform that combines professional video quality with internet browsing capabilities, YesVideo CEO Michael Chang

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had one problem he was looking to solve – keeping America’s memories alive.

Over the last century, a gradual evolution within the media landscape occurred. From the 16mm film reels of the 1920’s to the digital devices of today, this progression of media formats concurrently shifted the way we watch those significant moments documented in our lives. As devices become obsolete, the harder it becomes for us to pull out those 8mm films, slides and VHS tapes to relive, remind and remember. Consequently, our means of “preserving” these memories entail throwing everything into a box and storing it away, only for time to deteriorate them naturally.

The importance of properly preserving memories lies in the deep emotional connection to be found in them. It’s about seeing that comforting smile and soothing voice of that person who is no longer with us. Watching those wedding videos and falling in love with your significant other all over again. Or bonding and having open conversations with family over 1st birthday or milestone moment. Above all, it should illicit something from inside you to go out into the world and make your own memories to share with family, generation after generation.

Juxtaposing this digital modern era with vintage footage is the solution to saving America’s memories. Memories, at heart, are the truest and most honest expressions of the lives we’ve lived. And its this significance and emotional attachment that leads Michael Chang, as YesVideo CEO, on a mission to preserve America’s memories – one family at a time.

Review from NY Spender: “Transfer Your Home Movies to DVD with YesVideo”

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to organize my collections of music, photos and videos. When I say organize I mean get rid of music I don’t listen to, print favorite pictures and create photo albums, and transfer videos to DVDs from bits and pieces of hundreds of iphone, videocamera and older home movies videos. Yeah, I know, wish me luck!

One way I am achieving my “video” goal is by using the services of YesVideo, because they are the easiest way I can transfer my home movies from Super 8 to DVD (sure, I’ve thought about borrowing a projector and playing the movie on the wall while recording the scenes on my iphone, but I seriously doubt the quality would be the same, or any good at all!)

After giving YesVideo a try in the past, I was so impressed with their service that I’ve decided to transfer over all of my old Super 8s with them, because what’s the point of having all these big wheels laying around if I can’t watch them?

But let me show you:

The first step is to go to and enter your email address to get started.


In the next page you select the types of home movies you want transferred to DVD. In this case, I selected a 5-inch reel and a 7-inch reel. You immediately see the cost to process these transfers.


You then have the option of shipping the movies to them yourself, or have them send you an EasyShip Kit.


Once they receive your movies, they will send you an email to confirm receipt, and then another email when the movies have been transferred to video (it usually takes 14 days). At that point you can access and watch your movies online on your computer, and also on your iPhone and iPad with their free apps.


After the transfer is complete, they will ship back your original media to you. If you also wish to have a copy of your movies on DVD shipped back to you, you can select that option when you place your order:


But if you think you will want to edit your movies, you should wait and customize your DVD online, after they’ve transferred your videos. This process is so simple, all you have to do is drag and drop the different scenes you care about. 
In my case, my film reel had a lot of nothing (including a lot of a “full moon” minutes), until the last scenes, where I finally show up at the beach!

So the option of customizing the video is priceless for me, because I am able to select scenes from many different film reels and discard any useless ones.

That way I can fit 10 big and clumsy film reels in just one DVD. The cost of a custom DVD is $9.99.

Another option you have is to create “snippets” from the transferred videos, and you can immediately share them on Facebook or via email. Yes, that’s me all tanned at the beach! 😉

YesVideo is a great tool to finally be able to organize your old movies and preserve their survival. Give it a try!

Update: Now you also have the option of sharing your videos on a website or a blog, just by clicking on the blue plus sign next to the videos: Create a link to this snippet, which will give you a code to embed any video you like.


This article was originally published on NY Spender’s blog, For the original article visit,