CEO, Michael Chang, multi-tasking x3 – Wordless Wednesday

YesVideo’s CEO, Michael Chang, multi-tasks to the third degree! Tinkers with the new YesVideo iPad app, communicates on his phone, while working on his Macbook.

Today we are featuring a very loving moment that Sue was able to capture on her blog, In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being. This man is taking his old dog for a walk, even if he can’t walk that far.



  1. Now that’s making the most of one’s time 😉

  2. I would really need some down time after a morning like that, wow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well there’s no denying you are a tech guy. lol
    Thanks for the link up.

  4. Thank you for featuring the photo from my blog this week. I was so touched by the love this man had for his faithful canine companion. Isn’t it nice to know that there are still lots of kind people in the world?

  5. Can you tell that I like Apple products? 😉

  6. Love it!


  7. Now that’s some high-tech multi-tasking!

  8. very nice..
    love apple products

    My entry is here.