Childhood Christmas Memories in Lights

I is for Innocent ChildAs a child I grew up on a street that lead to a pretty popular shrine that had Christmas lights from Thanksgiving until Epiphany. It was so popular that the road would be backed up for miles and that line of cars would be outside my house for hours and hours. Had I been older and industrious I would have set up a hot chocolate stand or something. But I was 5.

My very first vivid memories of Christmas were about when I was five years old (same age as my daughter, Eva pictured above). I remember that I got my first LEGO set then (still have it). I remember visiting the La Salette Shrine in Attleboro, MA and thinking that it was the hugest most amazing place (I had yet to visit Disney). I couldn’t believe that I lived so close to it. My parents would bundle us up in our snowsuits and we would walk about and look at the lights together. I’m sure that my Dad took many photos (he is the person who instilled in me the love of photography) but I don’t have any of them. I will make it a point to check out all of his old photos to save some of those memories in digital format.

I am lucky that I blog, or rather my children are lucky that I blog, or rather again, they will be lucky that I blogged. They will be lucky because I’ve been recording our life in a daily way since before they were born. So I have photos like these:


I hope that my kids will have the same affection for going to La Salette that I have from my childhood. At least I know what they will be able to search through our photos and see themselves having a good time there.


  1. Adorable! I have memories of looking at all the Christmas lights every year as a kid, too. You should definitely try to find those photos your dad took! I love that my blog is a place to record memories, too.