Christmas Photos Through The Years

I was always horrible about taking pictures of my kids at regular intervals. I always took plenty of snap shots, but I was not the kind of mom who got the newborn, 6 month, 12 month… or even the yearly school pictures. So after my youngest son was born, I was determined to start a yearly photo tradition, and what better time to start that than the holidays?

Traditional Santa hat picture

Now going on it's 7th year, our traditional Santa Hat picture is one of those annual traditions that my kids don't know they love yet. Ever since my youngest son's first Christmas, I've lined the kids up, stuck Santa hats on their heads, and made them smile for the camera. OK, I take that back. Not even I can make my kids smile on command. But every year, until they are living on their own and not home at Christmas time, I will make them do it.

Someday they will thank me.

No matter where it's taken, or what the kids are wearing, I love looking back to see how much they've grown and changed year to year. I can almost hear the whining and the complaints…as well as the laughter as we have taken the Santa Hat picture every year.

This year, it appears that I'll need to look for some more adult-sized Santa hats as my kids really ARE growing up. Those hats that used to fall over their eyes and ears hardly fit over their heads anymore.

I wonder if my kids will start something similar when they are grown up with kids of their own. I hope so. They can blame their Grandma Lolli when their kids complain about sitting still and wearing those silly red and white hats.

And it will all be worth it.

I'm sure I'm not the only mom who makes her kids put up with sitting still for the camera for memory's sake. Do you have any similar traditions?

santa hat photo 2012
Santa Hat photo 2012 – oh, how they've grown!