Craft a Memory

As you know, we love Pinterest.  Not only do we love seeing all the wonderful photos and videos being shared, we love finding other ideas for preserving your memories.  Below are a few of our favorite pins featured on our Craft a Memory board.  Some memories are preserved through crafts and some crafts help make memories…

How adorable is this homemade DIY photo calendar?  This calendar would make the best gift and would sit perfect on your desk.  It would be even more memorable if you were able to use a photo of your child from the same month in the previous year.  That way each month you would be able to reminisce and compare their growth from exactly a year ago.

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

Like the old saying goes 'a photo is worth 1,000 words', this idea says it best.  Photos capture memories that last beyond a lifetime and often they are used to relive those special moments.  Surprising a loved one by tying some of your old photos to balloons gives a unique twist to a birthday boutique.

his-years-christmas-card-evolved-into.html”> via YesVideo on Pinterest

Everyone has fun taking photos in a photo booth.  If you dust off your old boxes of photos in your closet you are bound to find at least one photo strip of black and white images.  Try turning those into a creative greeting card!  I bet you could make some old high school friends laugh when they open a letter from you and are surprised with a photo strip from the good ole' days.

Although you capture many memories within video and photos, there are always those souvenirs and small tokens of our life adventures.  This craft is a great way to include those items alongside your photos.

Not all special moments can be documented clearly through video and photographs only. Sometimes you need a little demonstration.  This craft is pure sweetness.

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How do you preserve your memories?  What is your favorite DIY craft to document that special moment in life?



  1. I haven’t done my scrap booking in a long time, but that is what I did to preserve my daughter’s memories from birth up until Kindergarten. I need to get back into it. I created a couple of pages in the scrapbook where I made little blurb type balloon things and wrote in special moments. We had fun last week looking over them and reminiscing on old times!

  2. I really need to start scrap booking. I have a few stashes of supplies here and there, but I never sit down and do it!