Customer Feature: Photo & Slide transfers – Photographer Approved.

Here at YesVideo, we pride in specializing in our video transfer technology. It is not often mentioned, however, that we also spend as much effort in perfecting our processes for our photograph and slide scanning services. While we can list specs and numbers to support our case, we find it better when our own customers express how much they enjoyed their transfers, like in the case of Mr. Scott Peavy who trusted us with his lifetime collection of slides and digital photos.

Scott Peavy, 1985

Mr. Peavy has been immersed in the world of photography since he first got his hands on camera in the 7th grade. He took it up as a personal hobby, and it grew into a complete passion – going on expeditions all over the world to capture nature’s beauty within his viewfinder. To date, he’s built a personal collection of over 6,000 slides from his nature expeditions, and a growing gallery of digital photos – shifting the focus to his grandchildren and family.





As a photography artist for several decades, Scott is very meticulous about his art with an attention to every aspect in his photos. He attempted to digitize a few slides through his own methods, but the result did not meet his standard. Seeking a new solution, he sent a few sample slides to YesVideo test the quality. When he received the DVD, Scott was “just blown away”. He was amazed by the sharpness, color clarity, and depth that was captured from all his slides. Convinced in the result, he went through his photo collection and sent a more and more transfer orders, as well as some digital memories.

In addition to the transfer, he’s also grateful for the customer support he’s received from our production team. We enhance the photos we scan by adjusting color and lighting levels on the photos. Some of Scott’s images were adjusted, losing intentional over/under-exposure on some of his images. Scott brought his concern to our attention, and we gladly reprocessed his entire order and disabled all image adjustments.

Scott has gone from a customer to a YesVideo fan, and has generously expressed his gratitude in our service on several counts. He raves about the convenience of being able to enjoy his photos without the need of working a projector, the quality of the transfers, and the personal assistance he’s received as a YesVideo customer. We look forward to receiving more groups of Mr. Peavy’s photos, and celebrate that we’ve succeeded in making Mr. Peavy a happy customer.

Conclusion? YesVideo’s image scanning service is Photographer-Approved.

Mr. Peavy, present day.


(For a final piece of eye-candy, here are a few more of Scott’s digitized photos. Enjoy!)





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