Customer Feature: Bonnie Radford. Rebuilding Love Ties Through 8mm Memories.

We love to hear stories from our loyal customers who have had heartwarming experiences from viewing their transferred home movies. Stories like seeing a grandparents wedding day, or getting to witness your very own first steps on camera. We recently received a letter from Bonnie Radford who transferred her 42-year-old film reel at the Walmart where she works.

Bonnie Radford screen capture-5

In her letter, she explains how she was surprised to find footage of her ex-husband whom she had a falling out with over 18 years ago. As soon as she saw his “beautiful dimples” – all of the negative thoughts were washed away and replaced with the happy memories that they had together.

“This video was like a lifeline to me and helped heal my broken heart” Bonnie says.  “I now wanted to spend time with my ex-husband, be more understanding of him and show care and concern for him. I have never spent so much time crying as I did now over our past marriage and what we had lost together. You can look at photos throughout your life and remember your loved ones and the events that happened, but until you see that person in action on a video – it put me back into that time when I was actually holding the camera taking the movie. I know it is impossible, but I would gladly have stepped back into time in our video and relived our life together.”

Bonnie Radford screen capture

By transferring her film reel Bonnie was able to unlock those fond memories that had been hiding for so many years. One night she invited her ex-husband, Fred to watch the video with her. He was surprised to hear from her and even more surprised when he found out about her renewed feelings for him. The video brought them closer together and allowed their children and grandchildren to see them as a happy couple again.

Bonnie's daughter screenshot

She goes on to say, “We are both at ease with each other now with no stress, tension or resentment. We enjoy reminiscing about our past, laughing together at the funny moments and remembering the happy times together which to my surprise are more than I thought at the time. True love can be buried through circumstance and time but it is always there waiting to be revived and renewed. Our entire family has been touched and changed by this video and I want to thank you for that. Chapter 15 will always be my favorite because the “Love of My Life” will always be there for me to remember when!”

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We want to thank you too Bonnie, for sharing your unique love story with us and allowing us to share it with others.

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