The day I saw my Father grow up, one slide at a time.

Today’s post is brought to you by YesVideo’s Retail Marketing Manager, Thor Juell. He reflects on the day he found a suitcase filled with his Father’s 35mm slide collection, and discovered years of his family’s past that he had never seen before.

Some things are left to your imagination. Growing up as a kid, my Father would tell me stories about his life as a young boy. He grew up in Berkeley, California. When I was young he would take me to special places in Berkeley, and tell me the most captivating stories that took place in the exact place that we were standing. I would close my eyes and pretend I was there with him – a young boy in 1960 moving onto the next adventure. As I grew up and my father grew older, I would get him to tell me those stories every chance I got.

One day, as I was playing with children of my own, I had an epiphany. There will come a time when my Father is gone. I will never again get to hear him tell these stories. I will be left to my imagination to go back to that place he spoke of so clearly. It will be real,–and then suddenly in an instant it will be gone.

Not long after, I was helping my Dad clean out his garage and came across something that changed all of this. It was a 1960 Kodak Slide Case. It was this beautifully designed briefcase stuffed full of Juell family slideold slides from 40 or 50 years ago. I quickly grabbed a magnifying glass to see what was on the slides. The feeling I got when I looked at that first slide is almost indescribable. It was a photo of my father and his entire family in Tilden Park in Berkeley. Sitting in the exact spot I had sat as a young boy at the same age. For my entire life I had imagined what that moment looked like and suddenly I was looking directly at it. It felt like a window that I could step into. I spent the next 3 hours looking at each slide, combing over every detail and expression. I got a chance to finally be there in those moments even if it was just a glimpse.


Juell Family PhotoThis is an experience that I think of nearly every day working at YesVideo. Our lives are simply a culmination of a series of moments. I was able to relive a few of my Father’s moments and it changed my life.



  1. I love this

  2. Great story! Its always fascinating to go back to the same place in a photo/video and see how it’s changed – or stayed the same.

    You should go back to those locations and re-enact an old photo in modern day!

  3. What a wonderful story! I love it.