Digitize Dad’s Home Videos. He’ll Never Forget it.


Dad. The family mechanic, handyman, garden master, security guard – and videographer. Dads are meticulous for wandering around family occasions squinting through a camera viewfinder – filming everything from family BBQs, the new picket fence, and the sights from the family vacations.


While we were more likely to say “put down the camera, Dad!” as we blocking our timid faces, Dad has always had a goal to capture the most spontaneous and intimate of family moments. What appeared to be just a series of videos to us is, in Dad’s eyes, a documentation of the family he’s worked so hard to raise and protect.

Dad may always want stronger power tools, louder mowers, or hotter BBQ grills, but he’ll never expect the preservation of the family’s history through the years.  Catch Dad off-guard by transferring the box of tapes & reels that have been resting in the closet.

Ordering today won’t have the memories digitized by Father’s Day, but taking the box of videos from his hands will still let him remember this Father’s Day as each time he watches the old home videos.


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Happy Father’s Day!