Emotional Video Memories

Many families have old VHS tapes sitting on a shelf collecting dust or in a box tucked away in the closet.  We often forget what precious memories we have stored on those old media formats after years or not watching.  Momma Lew shares her emotional connection to video memories.

Every time I visited my parents and saw the countless number of VHS tapes from “back in the day”, I just couldn’t help be reminded of how they were longing to be watched. Now that my children are getting older and asking questions about our family, I wanted them to see first hand what I remember. The only way to do this was to get on the ball and get these VHS’ transferred. My fears were set aside the moment I decided to have YesVideo help me uncover these wonderful memories.


Head over to Momma Lew’s blog and watch the two video clips she shared with her readers.  Nothing tells a story better than watching it yourself.