How to Host a Family Memory Night

Family Memory Night

There are a lot of things that we love to do as a family and creating memories is one of them. We’ve done so many things as a family over the years but sometimes it’s hard to remember everything that we’ve done. I knew that when hubby and I started having kids that I wanted to be consistent in documenting things in their lives. Birthdays, first steps, and the first day of school were just a few of those firsts. I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve actually done a pretty good job in staying consistent with my documentation, better than I thought I would be.

It seems as I reflect on videos and pictures, my boys have become more and more interested, especially my 7 year old. He’s seen some home videos and pictures of himself and is always asking to see more. What better way to enjoy the memories together than with a Family Memory Night? We’ve done family movie night before, but I thought it might be fun to spin it a bit and enjoy memories. Better yet, I think we are going to start doing it monthly.

Our first Family Memory Night was definitely a hit. We recently had our son’s birth from 7 years ago converted from Mini DV to DVD using YesVideo.  It was the first time my 7 year old had seen it and his face just lit up. We also looked through some pictures and memory books that we had. Of course, we couldn’t forget the snack, a big tub of popcorn!

If you’d like to create your own Family Memory Night, I really encourage you to do so! Below is a list of items to gather before your Family Memory Night to ensure that the evening is successful.

1. Picture or Memory Books

2. Home Videos (If you don’t currently have them on DVD, I encourage you to start transferring them. It makes viewing so much easier and more convenient.)

3. Snacks for viewing – Get your favorite treat or a big tub of popcorn to share withe the whole family.

4. Set a date – If you set a day that you are going to have your Memory Night, it’s more likely to happen. Mark it on the calendar and make sure to tell the whole family!

What is your favorite family memory you’ve caught on video that you’d like to watch for a Family Memory Night?


Tiffany Snedaker is the author of Babes and Kids Review, a product review, parenting, food and health blog. She is married with two boys, ages 5 and 7. She loves blogging, running marathons, shopping and works part time as an ultrasound technologist.


  1. After picking up primary age kids from school on their last day before the Christmas holidays, we watched our old home videos of Christmas past to get us in the mood. Really great fun and we could remember those of us who were not longer with us.