New Feature! Hallmark Postcards from your Home Videos


We’ve just released a brand new feature that lets you create Hallmark Postcards using Snapshots from your digitized home movies.

This feature is available in the latest version of the YesVideo iPhone app. Postcards include a Snapshot from your home videos of your choice, a personalized message, printed on your choice of Hallmark Greeting themes on premium postcard paper.

To launch this exciting feature, your first Hallmark Postcard is free! With every additional card at a low $0.99 each. Once you complete customizing your postcard, it will be delivered to your loved ones in 5-7 days.

Just download the YesVideo iPhone app, and follow the easy steps below:

  1. Open the YesVideo App on your iPhone. In the Rediscover page, select the “Hallmark Moments by Post” option on the top of the page.iphone-cap-1
  2.  Next comes the fun part. Selecting the Snapshot you want to include in your Postcard.iphone-cap-2If you have a Snapshot that you have taken from your videos already, you can scroll down and select it from the list.If you do not have a Snapshot, select “Make a Snapsot” and find your favorite scene!
  3. Once you select a Snapshot, select one of the Hallmark themes to frame your Snapshot.iphone-cap-themes
  4. After you select a theme, enter a personalized message.iphone-cap-4
  5. Once you customized your Postcard, give it one last review to make sure the Postcard is exactly as you want.iphone-cap-5
  6. If everything is all set, select an address to ship the Postcard to. You can choose from an address in your phone’s Contact List, or enter a new address.iphone-cap-6
  7. Entering your Credit Card information, and that’s it! Your Hallmark Postcard from Post will be delivered in 5-7 days.

To create your own Postcard, just transfer your home movies, download the YesVideo iPhone App, and you’re set!

Please let us know what you think of the new feature below!