How to Recycle Your Old Electronics


You’ve transferred your home movies. They’re ready for you to watch & enjoy online & on your DVD player…now what do you do with the old film reels, videotapes, projectors & VCRs?

First – don’t just throw them away in the trash or recycle bin. The plastics, metal pieces and magnetic film make them e-waste items that will pollute your local landfills. Instead, seek alternatives that will either recycle, or up-cycle your old movies and electronics.

Donate or Get Crafty

Ribbon VCR BagYour old Hollywood movies may still have some use. Your local library or thrift store may be able to accept videotape donations.

As for your family home movies (VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Hi-8, MiniDV) and movie film reels (8mm, Super 8, 16mm) – we can convert them to digital for you, if we haven’t already. Once they’re digitized, you can recycle them, or get crafty and use them for art pieces!

You can knit a handbag from videotape ribbon, or you can create a videotape sculpture!

Recycle your old videos & electronics

Recycle VCRs ewaste

If you’re ready to get rid of your old videos and electronics, you can find a local recycle center who will properly dispose these items for you.

The company GreenDisk can handle disposing your videos and electronics for a small fee. You just box up your items, and mail them in their direction.

You can also find a local recycling center that accepts home movies. has a great search feature that lets you find local recycle centers that accept the items you’re trying to recycle. Just click here and enter what you want to recycle, along with your location. You’d be surprised how many places accept VCRs, film projectors, videotapes – even old televisions.

It may require some effort on your part, but the benefit is you free up valuable space in your home, and you do your part in not adding to e-waste that pollutes the environment.

Do you have any other great recycling solutions? We’re in this together – please share!