Instant Memories – Throwback Thursday

Instant Memories

Have you ever owned an Instant Camera?  Do you remember when you felt instant gratification after snapping a photo, pulling the film out of the bottom of the camera, waving it around in the air while all your friends or family members stood around watching impatiently while the film slowly turned from white to display the image you captured?  I remember getting excited as soon as I would see the outline of the face I photographed.  Of course then there were many times when the disappointment would set in after realizing one person had their eyes closed and we had to start all over again, only wasting that piece of film.

When I was a kid I had a Polaroid camera and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  If my friend wanted a copy of the photos we were taking we had to duplicate each shot.  Double the fun… that is until you ran out of film.  I remember going through phases of wanting to capture all these memories with instant printing yet I never wanted to use all my film.  It was an inner struggle between using the camera and saving it.  I always wanted my last photo to be my best!

While helping my parents clean out my grandmother’s home when she passed away I found this Kodak Instant Camera.  Surprisingly there was still film inside.  Unfortunately when I took a photo the film came out overexposed and never developed correctly.  I guess my grandma was saving some film in hopes to capture another great memory.  I can only imagine what all was viewed through the lens of this vintage camera.


Today our instant gratification comes from digital images.  We often times take hundreds of photos at any given event or family outing.  When we start running low on space on our memory card we simply delete some we don’t like and continue snapping away.  Instead of taking a second photo to share with friends – we upload to Instagram.

Did you have an Instant Camera?  Was it a Kodak or Polaroid?  Did you wave your film in the air trying to make it develop quicker or were you patient enough to lay it down and wait?

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  1. When we were kids my parents only used the polaroid cameras to take pictures of us. Looking back the pictures haven’t lost their quality and I love the classic look of the photos. We bought our son a Fuji instant cam a couple years ago and he loves being able to have the picture in his hand after he takes it. The problem is that our brains are so trained to want a digital copy of everything it bothers be to not have something I can share or add to a printable photobook later when we use that camera.