MAD’s Maddest Writer/ABC’s GizWiz, Dick DeBartolo, Shares 8mm Transfer Experience

Dick DeBartolo, MAD Magazine’s Maddest Writer & The Giz Wiz for ABC World  News and TWiT, knows gadgets & technology. He explores and reviews gizmos and gadgets for his weekly show, but he encountered a challenge – which happened to be our specialty.

He had some 8mm movie reels from the 1950’s of a movie he wrote, filmed and produced. Dick had wanted to digitize the movie to both share, and preserve – as it was cast with a collection of stars from the era. Without hesitation, we asked Dick to send us the historical reels, and leave the rest to us.

Dick DeBartolo Featured Image

Dick DeBartolo & his 20 yr old self from his video. Screen taken from Episode 1441 of The Giz Wiz

A few short weeks later, out comes a DVD and an email invitation for Dick to watch his videos online. His response? Thrill with excitement to feature his experience on the very next episode of his webshow, The Giz Wiz on TWiT.

Here is the segment from Episode 1441 of The Giz Wiz where DeBartolo shares his  video, with some fun personal commentary – even finding a segment of himself at 20 years young!

For the full episode, you can visit

Thrilled with the results from his first reels, DeBartolo is sending more reels he’s excited to transfer. Stay tuned for round two!