The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER

Something about the holiday season makes it the best time to be crafty and make things with your kids. I suppose it’s the colder weather that keeps you stuck inside and the desire to give your home that warm festive feel. We have two little ones and they love craft time, especially painting.

Both of my children’s birthdays are coming up so while I was wasting away my day being super productive on Pinterest looking for Birthday Memory ideas, I found one that stuck with me. It was a birthday tablecloth… basically, each year on your child’s birthday you add their handprints and it becomes a yearly tradition and a cherished memory. I loved the idea and didn’t want to wait…

The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER.

Christmas crafts

I went with a table runner instead of a tablecloth for a couple of reasons… I love our kitchen table and I don’t usually like covering it up with a tablecloth. During a birthday party? Sure. For the entire holiday season? No. Also, a tablecloth seemed like a huge space to fill with tiny handprints. Maybe if you are crafty and can paint some more decorations on there it’d be super cute! But I’m not 😉

Christmas crafts

I started with a basic red table runner that I found at TJ Maxx for $10. Then I stopped at Michael’s for a couple bottles of fabric paint. I got green for the handprints and gold for the fingerprints. I also got some black 3D paint so I could write the year.

Christmas crafts

We had some mommy/son quality time while our littlest was napping, so he got to start off The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER! We started at one end with green prints of each of his hands and then we added gold fingerprints around the edge… I figure each year he’ll add fingerprints on the edge near his handprints, so for now they’re only on the bottom of the runner.

Christmas crafts

Then I added the year with the 3D black paint. Once our baby girl wakes up from her nap I will add her handprints right above our son’s so the “2012” is in between them.

Christmas crafts

I absolutely love this and can’t wait to see it years down the road, all filled up with adorable handprints and memories. I’d guess about 6 sets of handprints (for our 2 kids) will fit on here so we have another 5 years to go!

There are so many variations you could do–different colors, decorate the hands to become a Santa Claus or reindeer, paint on decorations like holly or ornaments, add footprints, adapt it for any holiday… You could do it with a full tablecloth or even a Christmas tree skirt–that’d be so cute, too!

Just make sure you take pictures of the process each year to hold on to those memories and HAVE FUN!

Happy Holidays!

Emily Dickey is a mom of 2 in the Chicago area and has been blogging for over 3 years. She does social media consulting and freelance work, as well. You can find more of her craft ideas and family/lifestyle stories at her blog, Baby Dickey, or chat with her on facebook!


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