Your Memories are Safe With Us! Behind-the-Scenes on YesVideo’s Order Safety Measures.

Today’s guest post is from Lisa, YesVideo’s Director of Customer Service. She goes behind the scenes to explain the safety measures we follow to make sure every order we receive is returned safe and sound.

At YesVideo we understand that you are entrusting us with your precious and irreplaceable memories.  We take this responsibility extremely seriously and treat your memories as we would treat our own, like gold.

As the person responsible for customer satisfaction, I am particularly sensitive about this topic.  I am very proud of the measures that our company takes to protect your memories, and I was part of the design and implementation of many of these security measures.Receiving Order Shipment

All of our touch points with your order are under surveillance.  From the moment your order lands at our door we have our eyes on it.  And if you use one of our pre-paid labels to ship your order, we monitor your shipment as it makes its way to us.   We have a great relationship with the shipping carriers. We work together to scan in each package, and cross reference counts and tracking numbers to ensure that we have an accurate record of what we receive.

Placing barcode on videotapeAs we open up your order we place a unique barcoded ID on each piece of media which links back to your order record. This allows us to easily identify and track your media at every point in our transfer process.

Once the transfer process has completed and the discs have been created, your order will complete what is known in our world as “Order Fulfillment”.  This is a crucial step in our process, and our last touch point before your order leaves our building. 

During this process, we bring up your order record and the system lists all of the items that correspond to your order. This list consists includes your original media, DVD disks and cover sheets for the DVDs.  We complete the inventory of your order by scanning the barcode on each item in your order. This ensures that we have the correct DVDs matching to each piece of original media. This ensures that we have both the correct number of DVDs, and the correct DVDs matching to each original media item. So, if you ordered 5 copies and we have only scanned 4 copies the system will not allow the order to be completed. Similarly, if a DVD does not match the barcode on a tape – the system also restricts completing the order.

Once we have fulfilled and sealed your order, it is boxed up and shipped back to you via UPS.  The same handoff that we began with when we received your order is repeated when we hand your order over to UPS.

Our security measures don’t end when the order leaves our hands. We even keep a back-up copy on our secure servers – just in case.  We can use this back-up copy to re-create your memories should any issues arise.

Safely returning your order back to you is our top priority.  We pride ourselves on the safety measures we have in place for the handling of your order so much that we offer a $1500 guarantee.  We are constantly finding ways to improve our processes and further our efforts to water proof our security.  I hope this gives you a sense of the security measures that we have in place at YesVideo.  If you have any specific questions on this topic feel free to send me an email, I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Lisa McCabe
Director of Customer Service