Make memories this Thanksgiving with YesVideo

Memories are made when families come together around delicious food that warms the belly and the soul. There is no better delight than sitting down to a feast without the exhaustion of cooking it! We want you to make some amazing memories stress-free this Thanksgiving, so let us provide the meal! Enter to win a Honeybaked Ham dinner and focus on the stories, the memories and the treasures of the past and present.

This time, our dynamic duo is accompanied by some fantastic side dishes. 7 lb. delectably glazed HoneyBaked Half Ham, 3 lb. sliced and glazed Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, 2 quarts of our hearty Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, 2 quarts of our famous Made-From-Scratch Stuffing, 2 quarts of our Cranberry Salad, 1 quart rich, Turkey Gravy, one of our gourmet mustards and a jar of our Cranberry Walnut Chutney. This Combo will make any day a holiday.

14-16 for a formal dinner or 18-20 for a buffet.


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  1. My daughter was a flower for Halloween :)

  2. This year my daughter was a dinosaur. So cute!

  3. Jessica Bolin says:

    My kids were Mario, Luigi, and a pink monster (very fitting I must say!)

  4. my grandson was a dinosaur

  5. My littlest dressed up as Minnie Mouse

  6. I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I love the food and family time, but most of all I love the spirit of the holiday. It isn’t about giving gifts or shopping for deals.

    For Halloween my oldest was Pinkalicious, a favorite book character, and my youngest was a butterfly.

  7. Stephanie Phelps says:

    She was a pumpkin

  8. My daughter was a Zombie Princess this year and my sons were a vampire and The Phantom of the Opera

  9. My mom is hosting dinner this year and it’s only a 20 minute drive.

  10. We were the entire crew frommAlice in Wonderland! We had a TeaParty! It is my husbands birthday so we go all out!

    We love Thanksgiving too! Well we just love cooking and eating…so that helps!

  11. jeannine s says:

    we host thanksgiving

  12. We usually go to other’s houses. But I REALLY want to host it at my house this year. It’s our first year having our own home. I’m also in my 2nd trimester so I have the hormone induced Susie Homemaker urges. 😉

  13. We often host our own but my husband is a Firefighter so some years it falls on his shift to be on duty. This year he works and we’ll probably go up to the Fire Station to eat with him, the crew and their families.

  14. This year we are traveling early, and will be hosting back home on the actual day!

  15. We travel to my in-laws an hour away. I hate the ride, but love the company!

  16. We usually host. Travelling for thanksgiving can be chaotic sometimes.

  17. Matt Lewis says:

    I was actually sick with sinus issues for Halloween. I carried around a box of tissues.

  18. We go to my great aunt’s house each year.

  19. I’m hosting this year for the first time in several years and its sneaking up on me. I’d better get planning

  20. I am 34 & blessed to still have my grandmothers. We travel & spend the holidays with them.

  21. Jen Barker says:

    We host, no travel. :)

  22. Dianna Brodine says:

    My daughters were a mouse, a pink fairy and SuperWhy! I love that my youngest doesn’t care if she chooses a ‘boy’ costume or a ‘girl’ costume!

  23. Marie Atwood says:

    I always had Thanksgiving dinner at my house until my children were grown. Now I travel to have my Thanksgiving and I might say it is fun to be involved in the festivities without all the work. I would love to win this because I could have a couple of my church friends over after Thanksgiving and celebrate with them. I have several friends who are single and some have no children. This would be a way to include them in the Thanksgiving Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  24. we travel to family

  25. Dianna Brodine says:

    And I do Thanksgiving at my house for my family only. It’s the one holiday we don’t travel out of state for, and I love the peace and quiet!

  26. We all take turns. My in lawsuit, sis in law and I.

  27. Sonya Morris says:

    No, not yet!

  28. We switch off every other year spending it at my in laws and spending it at my parents

  29. We host an “orphans” Thanksgiving and invite friends over who also don’t have family nearby. :)

  30. We travel!

  31. After living 2000+ miles away from family for the past five years, we’ve moved back closer to home, and my parents are coming for Thanksgiving this year. So excited!!!

  32. We usually host or travel with the food depending on the year!

  33. Karen Farrow says:

    We travel for Thanksgiving and host Christmas at out house.

  34. I host breakfast for one side of the family, then drive across town for dinner with the other side of the family. :)

  35. I host every year!

  36. Teresa Nicholls says:

    We are hosting this year! Yay!

  37. We always travel to my parents’ home for Thanksgiving!

  38. jessica long says:

    I am 28 Married SAHM and while I do a turkey every year for the three of Us, this is my first year of having people over. My Mother is no longer able to cook (she has lupus and RA) and I am having My Parents, and Sister over. My hubands Step sister is newly a US National Gaurd and she is coming over, plus my Husbands work friend is alone every year (22 year old sweet guy no family ) so we invited him. I am confidant in my cooking ability BUT TERRIFIED!!!!

  39. alexandra clatterbuck says:

    This year we are staying home but normally we drive 3 hours to my in laws :)

  40. Sarah Elston Yurga says:

    We travel, but I do some of the cooking for our family who do host.

  41. We are traveling this year which we normally do!

  42. Travel to my mother inlaws.


  43. We stay home and get together with friends that have no family to visit since we are military stationed 1500 miles from family.

  44. This year we are traveling to my parents, it varies from year to year what we do.

  45. Sarah Stocks says:

    Usually we host at our place, this year we are going to travel and help extended family celebrate.

  46. Renee Ruder says:

    We live over 1400 miles from our families so we don’t travel. But my hubby’s parents usually flight out to see us. So a small Thanksgiving celebration
    Thanks for the opportunity

  47. We use to travel but the last few years we’ve started staying home and hosting a few families without places to go.

  48. I will be spending Thanksgiving morning helping serve a delicious meal to the community. Then I will go home and enjoy a special Thanksgiving with my son. I believe we should give thanks to God every day- He is so good to us!!

  49. I host Thanksgiving now since both my parents have passed away. I try yo keep the family together since holidays are so difficult. My dad died the day after thanksgiving, my mom 6 months prior and then, my husband died 10 days before my dad.
    I cling to the family that I still have

  50. I Usually do, but not this year b/c my SIL is- and we’ve got family coming down from out of state for a rare visit.

  51. Ursula Thomas says:

    We usually host :)

  52. Chris Taylor says:

    We are going to the Columbia Restaurant this year on Clearwater Beach, Fl.

  53. We host for my family these days.

  54. We travel to be with my family.

  55. Danielle Porter says:

    All of my family lives withing 30 minutes of each other! So we take turns hosting!

  56. Travel to sister in law’s!

  57. Diane Maples says:

    I LOVE Thanksgiving!!!

  58. Usually travel to visit family but I won’t be able to this year!

  59. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year! Hope it all goes well :)

  60. says:

    Not these days. Family is 1500 miles away

  61. Rhonda McCarty says:

    Sometimes I host and sometimes I travel.

  62. I love this and I really like your blog… thank you!

  63. Becky Richied says:

    I will be hosting dinner this year, we always do.


  64. we host and spend a quite day with just a few guests. If it is nice out we go for a long walk after dinner or rake leaves. It is a good way to work off the meal.

  65. Carleigh Rachels says:

    I do not host, but we do always help the family by bringing dishes.

  66. I used to host, but my house is small. With now 13 grandkids and so many couples.. ALL of whom have huge houses… we do it at one of their houses now!

  67. gloria johnson says:

    we host Thanksgiving dinner.

  68. Debra Neiman says:

    We will be getting together with extended family

  69. kathy hutchins says:

    I share this one we host thanksgiving with my sons inlaws/ our friends we both share in cooking along with the kids( they bring food) and we always have alot. Debra loves the decorating so it is usally more fun when at her house.

  70. melissa tomas says:

    we travel

  71. We generally travel for Thanksgiving; howver, my husband wanted to host this year and AGREED TO COOK EVERYTHING! I’m very excited to be the cleanup crew because he’s a wonderful cook!

  72. steve weber says:

    We are hosting this year.

  73. Joan Troche says:

    We will be having Thanksgiving dinner with the parents here locally.

  74. Sharon Kaminski says:

    make the turkey and all the trimmings

  75. We cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner at our house.

  76. I have host Thanksgiving in my home every year..

  77. Bridget Merker says:

    We host Thanksgiving!

  78. says:

    go to my daughters house she is a good cook

  79. sherry warlick says:

    I travel, but still like to contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. This would be perfect for me. I could already have something cooked.

  80. We travel, but just across town to the in-laws.

  81. We will be having dinner with the brother & his fiancé!

  82. amy pugmire says:

    my mom hosts. I just help her

  83. Tiffany Hoyt says:

    I host it with my spouse, we dont have many people.

  84. ELIZABETH C. says:


  85. We usually go to my parent’s house

  86. usually travel to relatives house

  87. We usually host or go to my parents, a 1/2 hr away.

  88. says:

    I host

  89. we host thanksgiving
    thank you

  90. Teresa Moore says:

    We stay home for Thanksgiving!

  91. we host

  92. My mom is hosting it this year, so I’ll only be traveling between her house and my fiance’s sister’s house for theirs :)

  93. says:

    I help my daughter at her house.

  94. Cassandra M says:

    it is just me and my children in my family but i do host for them

  95. Annemarie Z. says:

    We are hosting this year!

  96. I am always a guest

  97. Lorraine Brooks says:

    We usually travel 2 states

  98. I usually travel but this year I have to work