Memories with Grandma

When I was young, we’d drive up to Virginia twice a year to see my paternal grandparents. My parents would load up the van with all of the kids’ clothes and toys and stuffed animals and we’d make the long drive for a visit.

My grandparents were different from other relatives we visited. They were very quiet and set in their routines. When we were visiting, they would always stay home and continue with their usual day. We’d head off on our own adventures, but they wouldn’t ever join us.


My grandmother called my grandfather by their last name, which I always thought was odd, and doted on my grandfather constantly.

While he sat in a recliner and watched tv, my grandmother would make amazing meals for everyone and would clean and take care of the house.

She was quiet, though, and I remember thinking that she was a bit timid. I loved her dearly and wished that she didn’t always work so hard for my grandfather.

So I was surprised and delighted, and moved to tears when we got our old home videos transferred by YesVideo. After not having any way to watch the videos for over a decade, I’d long forgotten what was on them.

And on one of those wonderful old VHS tapes, my grandmother was smiling. And laughing. And traveling with us on long trips.

We went to Hawaii and Bermuda. We went on cruises and train rides. She was a different person in her last few years after my grandfather had passed away, but I’d forgotten that.

I’d remembered those many years of a quiet, hardworking woman who never spoke up or took time for herself.

Thanks to these videos, I now have a very different memory of my grandmother. One I’d forgotten, but that now makes me so happy to have.

Here’s a short clip showing my sweet grandmother laughing and enjoying herself.

It’s so wonderful to have this video again and to remember that special time with her.

Before transferring the video with YesVideo, I had no way to watch my old VHS tapes and had completely forgotten much of them. It’s really a joy to be able to relive those precious moments from my childhood.

Mickey Coutts is a mom of three young children living in North Carolina. She loves to share her family’s favorite recipes, crafts, travels and products on her family and lifestyle blog A Helicopter Mom.


  1. That is such a sweet story. I’m so happy you were able to watch these videos again. She seems like she was a wonderful grandmother that gave you treasured memories!
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