Must-Have Camera Accessories for Summer

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for capturing memories.  Between families taking their summer vacations and kids being home from school having that extra time to play and be silly, parents are known to snap more photos and make more home movies.

Whether you are staying close to home or traveling afar, it’s always nice to give your boring black camera strap some summer fun with color.  You might as well look cute while making memories, right?

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

Here at YesVideo we are strong believers that you should always make sure you are part of the moments you preserve.  Often times the camera owner browses back through the photos and videos from their event to realize they were not featured in one single photo.  When looking back on those old memories you want to be able to remember what you did as well.  That’s where the XShot comes in…

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

Along with summer fun comes water play!  Everyone must have an under water camera for the summer or at least an under water protection case for your personal camera.  When snorkeling at the beach you see amazing sights that you’ll want to be sure and share with family and friends.  Even playing at a water park with kids can make for some fun videos under water.

Source: via YesVideo on Pinterest

A hand-held camera strap is perfect for those on the go.  If you are walking around a theme park with your family, having your camera secure in your hand helps with mobility.

Remember, it’s summer, therefore okay to keep things simple.  Capturing memories in photographs and videos is important to do no matter how small the moment is.  Having those home videos to look back on and reminisce is priceless.  Surprisingly with today’s technology you can have high quality photos using just your iPhone.  So don’t miss the small moments just because your camera is at home.  Here are some great iPhone apps to help make your photographs and videos look just as sharp as if they were taken with your DSLR.

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