90s Fashions, and The School Play Where I Met My Husband.

Digging out your old home movies, dusting them off and sending them to us to digitize sometimes brings back more than lost memories. In Lindsey’s case it was pleather pants! I had always wanted to have some tapes transferred, and with the help of YesVideo, finally decided to bite the bullet.  When I visited Mom […]

Memorable Moments


Play Ball! – Throwback Thursday

    MLB Playoffs are in full swing, and for those who live baseball, learning to throw a ball comes before learning the alphabet. Young … [Read More...]

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Legacy Republic – Wordless Wednesday

Months in the making, we're thrilled to introduce our new division, Legacy Republic, launching today! If there's a shared idea our Legacy Makers bond over, it's … [Read More...]

Behind the Scenes


YesVideo Spotlight – Shelly Washington

There are a lot of hardworking YesVideo employees making sure your personal memories are well taken care of. Through our YesVideo Employee Spotlight, we’d like … [Read More...]

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Retro Fashion & Macy’s Gift Cards

Its fashion week! We’re celebrating our retro style with a Retro Fashion Photo Contest, and we’re making a push towards modern fashion by giving away four $25 … [Read More...]