What Is a Photo Really Worth?

Today’s post comes from our Marketing team. Darian reminisces about preserving timeless moments from his own “big day.”

When my wife and I got married we knew the wedding was going to be a strain on our finances, but we thought, “it’s worth it.”

Some photos from my weddingIt was worth the great bed & breakfast in Napa, CA with a beautiful rose garden.

It was worth the expensive flowers draped around the chairs and pews.

It was worth the pricey wedding cake that we’d share with family.

It was worth the beautiful wedding dress that would be worn once then closeted away.

It was even worth the expensive photographer whose pictures we’d reminisce over for years to come. Or so we thought.

We put those photos in albums, stored them on the living room built-in shelves and never looked at them again. Some of the happiest moments in our lives yet we never pull those albums out. Sound familiar? That’s because it is. I did an informal survey of 10 married couples and found that only one couple had brought out their wedding albums since their one-year anniversary (and that was because they had relatives visiting from overseas!).

Wedding Photos

Why is it that one of the bigger expenses of weddings goes unused, under-appreciated, and almost forgotten? When I asked those coupleswhy, they shrugged and in similar words said, “if those photos were on my computer I’d probably look at them more often.”

I went ahead and digitized our favorite wedding album through YesVideo (one of the perks of working here!).  A couple of weeks later we got the photos back saved on a DVD and I loaded it into our DVD player. Instead of watching “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” we found ourselves laughing over silly dance moments, reminiscing over family members who have since passed away, and almost crying at how young and trim we were (what happened to my hairline?!). We’ve even posted some of those photos to Facebook, emailed copies to friends, and had a few blown up for our family photo wall.

So, in the end it was really the $150 getting those photos digitized that made the thousands of dollars we spent on a photographer worth it. However, I’m still questioning the expensive flowers…


  1. We just had a VHS and Camcorder tape transferred into DVD format. You guys did a wonderful job. It was very professional and complete. Money well spent! We can again look at our old home videos and enjoy our happy memories.
    Thank you so much for this service!

  2. What a great way to preserve the memories! I loved reading this and the pictures are beautiful!