A Better Way to Preserve School Days Memories and Projects

I thought I had a brilliant idea when my twins were in Kindergarten.

Our school does a fundraiser where you can order stuff with an image of your child's artwork on it. In art class the kids create their design on a special paper and then an order sheet comes home with the design so you can decide if you want a magnet, a mug, an apron, or other various items. I noticed there was a memory book and decided I would order a memory book every year and keep all of their school craft projects and photos in there to document the year!

Except the first year alone looks like this.

3 inches thick and full of memories

In case you can't see from the picture, that thing is about 3 inches thick! Can you imagine 12 more of these? Times two (because I have twins)?? Where in the world will I store these?

At one point my mom and I carefully sorted through the first grade pile. I believe these portfolios hold second grade.

portfolio of school memories

And I believe this basket is overflowing with 3rd grade projects, papers, and other work we deemed too special to recycle.

pile of memories from 3rd grade

We live and we learn.

Fast forward to fourth grade and I'm ready to consider a more modern way to store my twins' school projects AND add in special moments we've captured on video!

With YesVideo we can create digital memory books of all the important school accomplishments. Snap a photo of the spelling or math quiz they aced. Scan their best writing assignments instead of letting them pile up.  And, when they are finally getting ready to move out, instead of hauling 3-inch thick binders down from the attic I'll be able to hand over DVDs that have memories fro

m their first trip to Disney World.

I will keep a few originals, like this snow man who loves to read and comes complete with his own mini book.

this is a keeper

Adding Video Memories

The brilliance of a YesVideo digital memory book is that I can add video memories. I can take a photo of the book report cover but then add a video of her reading her report. Example – when they were in kindergarten they were really into writing their own books. I started video taping them because the piles of paper became unmanageable!

Plus, think of all the miscellaneous artwork that comes home. For example, we have a collection of ceramic dogs and cats that is slowly building from various birthday parties.

How many ceramic animals do we really need to keep?

And how about our collection of clay food. I've actually already tossed some of the food. Now I wish I had snapped a photo before I did so one day I could show them HOW MUCH clay food we had sitting around.

mmm, delicious clay food collecting dust

Well wouldn't it be great to video them holding up their collections, talk about each piece, where they made it, why they chose to make it, what they like about it and more? Then, TOSS those dust collectors out!

How do you preserve your child's school artwork, projects, and other memories?

Janine Nickel lives in the DC area and writes about raising her twins at TwoferMom.com and about the challenges of being a full-time work-from-home parent at HomeOfficeHustle.com.