Preserving Family Photographs Forever

Technology is in high demand, every family either currently owns or wants to own the best digital camera available on the market to capture everyday memories with their children. Whether you are an avid traveler or someone who sticks close to home, having photographs of your family along the years is the best way to preserve family memories.

Transferring photographs from a digital camera to your home computer may seem like the best option for you to free up space on the camera SD card, however, storing photographs on a computer may not be the best long term decision for your family memories. Computers can crash and your hard drive can get ruined beyond repair, meaning your family memories once thought to be organized and safe are now lost forever.

The safest option to store and preserve family memories is to transfer your photographs onto a DVD, you may still have those photographs stored on your computer for quick access but you will be more at ease knowing that your family memories have been preserved on a high quality DVD or Blu-ray disc for those who may be using an HD camera.

If you wish to backup your photographs from SD card to your computer the best way to keep them organized is to place them in folders. Here is a great way to organize your photographs on a computer in an easy-to-access-later fashion:

  1. First create a folder called Pictures on a secure home server or your home computer.
  2. Next create folders based on topics, such as “family time”, “child 1’s name”, “child 2’s name”, etc etc. If you would rather label by month and year, create a folder within the pictures file that is named whichever year photographs you will be copying into this folder.
  3. The next step would be to create a sub-folder within each yearly folder with the names of the months.
  4. Transfer your photographs into each folder based on year and month.

Whether you are looking to preserve your family memories to hand down to your children or to simply have something to look back upon as your kids grow older, make sure that you have properly backed up all photographs to ensure the memories are long lasting.

Keeping your photographs organized will help makes things easier when transferring to DVD or making home movies later on.


  1. These are great tips! I need to do this – I have been trusting my computer to keep my thousands of photos safe but it’s time to do something to make sure they’re REALLY safe.

  2. This is a really good idea to have something like this. Hard drives (where all of your files are stored) have moving parts, and anything with moving parts *will* eventually wear out. Backups are important! :)