Rediscovering Self-Confidence

I have always been a shinning example of grace and style.

Well, no. Not really. But in my younger years, I certainly believed that I was.

Once upon a time (when big hair and high-waited pants were in vogue) I held onto an exuberant self-confidence in everything I attempted. I wasn’t braggy or showy per say, I just firmly believed that I could do anything as well as anyone at anytime. Anything.

It is the same wonderful self-confidence that I now recognize in my daughters. Born with hesitation, they sing at the tops of their lungs and twirl around the house with joy in the hearts. And as I see my daughter slightly closer her eyes to concentrate as she belts out the high notes to “Let It Go,” I remember that feeling – knowing that I could one day be a great singer, dancer, swimmer, skater, etc.

Somewhere along the lines, the reality of life set in. And self-confidence gave way to self-doubt. (Probably sometime around the age that the Santa stopped coming down the chimney.)

But as I watch my daughters and see myself in their likeness, I hope they never stop believing. And in turn, I believe again.

I could still be a great singer – if only in my shower. And a great skater – if only in my driveway (with lots of padding just in case).

Even if the only people who sees me and believe in my greatness are my daughters, that is enough. In their eyes, their mom is perfect. And I am once again full of self-confidence. At least for a moment.

While I strive everyday to uphold their belief in me, I also strive to continue to build up their self-confidence and show them that they really can be anything and do anything they want.

And just for giggles, I’ll show them a glimpse of their mom. Filled with confidence in a pair of brand-new roller skates. Because you see this girl… she can do anything. Even roller skate with grace and style.

Because she is awesome.

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  1. What a truthful reminder. Oh, to have a faith of a child – that fearless self-confidence. :) You are truly a perfect mom for those daughters. No doubt about it.
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  2. Its indescribable just how much our children give back to us without even trying.
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  3. What a wonderful reminder to live life to the fullest and embrace the fun!
    tammilee recently posted…Blue Iguana Cantina on the Carnival BreezeMy Profile

  4. A timely reminder of how precious time is and what photos and videos can show us in the future. I love the confidence of a child.
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  5. I love how kids look up to us and think we do everything so wonderfully – especially while they’re still young. The confidence I see in my kids is so inspiring and I hope they always shine through like they do now :)
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