Reliving Wedding Memories

Often a bride and groom plan their wedding for months, put effort into all the details and hire a videographer costing thousands of dollars to document their big day. Once they get back from their honeymoon, if they are lucky, the videographer will have their wedding video ready for viewing. The anticipation builds to see the action live on their TV screen, seeing the many details they were too busy to appreciate in the moment. The smiling faces of their family and close friends supporting them in their union are precious memories captured that are priceless.

Then life gets busy… The videotape is put away on a shelf to collect dust and be lost in the world of outdated media. Soon the VCR becomes obsolete and they can no longer relive their big day.

wedding memories

Sara from Sensibly Sara shares her experience preserving her wedding video. Sara explains how she wanted to avoid the heart-breaking option of tossing out her old media that she could no longer view – so she digitized her special memories with YesVideo!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had watching my wedding video all over again! My husband and I got married on a very windy day so you don’t really hear anything, but that’s completely okay with me.

When was the last time you watched your wedding video?