Scavenger Hunt – Instagram Style

For the month of July we wanted to host something a little different on Instagram than our regular photo-a-day challenge.  We have enjoyed seeing all of the fabulous memories shared through instant captures.  The anticipation is already building to see how each of you will capture the clues on the scavenger hunt.

The challenge goes throughout the month of July with only 10 clues to complete.  You can share your captures in any order you wish.  See a classic car in the parking lot while out shopping?  Snap a photo!  Visiting an antique or historical building later this month?  Great, share your memories while there.  Take part in the scavenger hunt in whatever order works best for you.

To qualify for the $50 YesVideo gift certificate you must complete all 10 items on the scavenger hunt including at least one video (no minimum length).  Winner will be selected at random and tracked by the use of the hashtag #YesMemory.
Have fun and happy hunting!


  1. Oh wow, how fun!