Sharing Family Memories

Although my husband and I are lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful family members in our lives, very few of them live close to us. My parents live a couple of hours away and my husband’s family are several states away.

We make plans to see them several times each year, but there are so many wonderful things that happen between those visits. Things we want to share with our loved ones and friends.

Today was my oldest daughter’s first horseback riding lesson.


My daughter has been wanting to learn to ride for months and finally got her first lesson this afternoon. She received the riding lessons from my parents for a birthday present and was beside herself with excitement.

My husband and I shared lots of fun photos online and through email with our family members to show how much fun our daughter was having. But it’s pretty hard to tell how a horseback riding lesson is going from just a still photo.

We want to show off and share how well our little girl did and since it was an almost 2-hour lesson, we have a lot of loooooooong videos.

We want to share videos of the lesson and we want to have them for ourselves to cherish and remember for many years to come.


Whether our daughter ends up riding horses for many years to come or whether she only wants a few more lessons, it will be wonderful to have this special day to remember.

We’ll be sending our videos to YesVideo this week and can’t wait for them to be transferred.

Once our videos have been transferred by YesVideo, we’ll be able to easily share them with family and friends and to watch them whenever we want right on our laptops. Plus, with the awesome and easy-to-use YesVideo features, I’ll be able to make shorter clips of our favorite parts of the day and can even embed the clips or make a Hallmark eCard out of them. Very cool!

I’ll be sending the horseback riding lesson videos for transfer this week, but here’s a little snippet of a previous video YesVideo transferred for me. It’s from a family trip to Hawaii way back in middle school and has been a treasure to watch again and share with loved ones.

Mickey Coutts is a mom of three young children living in North Carolina. She loves to share her family’s favorite recipes, crafts, travels and products on her Lifestyle and Parenting blog A Helicopter Mom.