Snapshot Feature – Molly O’Connor

Today’s special video moment is brought to you by a special friend of the YesVideo family.

Molly O’Connor shares one of her favorite moments from her home movies. Using the latest features in YesVideo iPhone App, she shares a Snapshot from the moment she had her first taste of ice cream. While an iconic moment for her, the video helped her understand where she picked up some of the facial expressions she makes to this day when she serves herself a scoop. Some things just don’t change!

 Molly - Snapshot 1

molly - ice cream

#RememberWhen I had my first taste of ice cream? I still get wide-eyed at the sight of the stuff. The only thing that’s changed is the serving size…and the color of my bib.

– Molly O’Connor



What made your eyes light up when you were a child. Tell us about it below!


This Snapshot was captured with YesVideo’s iPhone app, now available free at the App Store.



  1. SO COOL! Thank you, YesVideo :)