Summer Memories Made Easy and Captured in Photographs

Summer is a great time to capture those family memories and smiles because the kids are out of school and the parents are a bit more relaxed not having to keep up with school and extra curricular activity schedules. If your family does not have the budget to allow a far away summer vacation, you can still enjoy summertime memories close to home with little to no cost.

Some of the great ways my family enjoys summer are low cost or free because whether we can afford it or not, it is the simple things that make my family smile most. Setting up a water slide in the backyard and going down it with the kids can make them see the big kid inside of you. If you do not have a water slide you can easily make one as long as you have a hill in your yard, a tarp and a hose.

Taking a hike at a local mountain or hiking trail is a free or low cost fun time. Turn your hiking adventure into a scavenger hunt by playing “I Spy” with the kids.  Have a look around and “spy” interesting cracks in the rocks, taller than average trees, a bird or a squirrel in the tree and watch as your kids have fun trying to spy what you have spied with your eyes.

Make sure to take a picture of the interesting things you spy so that later on you can discuss the wonderful adventure with the kids. Our family spotted an owl in broad daylight once in Bradford, NH while we were taking a hike out on a trail where the “tall trees” are. This owl perched and watched us for a long time. It was certainly something worthy of capturing in a photo.

Do you have a local airport? We have a small one in town and the kids had a blast on a day where it opened up to the public. This was a free of charge event where families could come take pictures up close with the planes and watch as some planes took off from the landing strip. I captured many photos with smiles on my sons faces because they just love airplanes.

Whether you travel far away from home or stay close to home during the summer months, remember that a photo is worth a thousand words and no moment is too small to capture on your camera!

Summer Family Moments Photo Tip – Each summer make a folder on your computer full of weird and interesting things your family witnessed during that year and have those moments compiled onto a DVD so that your kids can grow up to share these “remember when” moments with their children!