Mobile-ity – Wordless Wednesday


Location was the reason my mother wasn’t there with me for the birth of my kids. While we spoke on the phone often, it wasn’t until she saw videos of the babies blinking, feeding and crying that she realized she was a Grandma for the first time.

This week we are featuring a photo from @CocoandCocoa.  Do you still have your handmade blankets or scarves from your childhood?  Do you make blankets/scarves for your little ones?

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Write Where It Matters – Wordless Wednesday


“Dear Auntie,
Just a simple remembrance.
Fred & Lourdes”

The sincerest of gestures are often the most memorable.

This week we are featuring a photo from Simple Sojourns.  Have you ever visited Disneyland?
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Father Daughter Dance – Wordless Wednesday


This old photo of me and my daughter popped up during the slideshow presentation of her wedding. It was so much fun to see, that we decided to recreate that special moment on the dance floor.

Do you remember the father daughter dance at your wedding?

This week we are featuring a photo from Coffee Jitters.  Remember your first drastic hair cut?  Getting a hair cut makes you feel like a new person!  Isn’t she just adorable?  Golden locks long or short, she’s a cutie!

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Heroes – Wordless Wednesday


With Veterans Day approaching, we’ll always be thankful for the men and women who serve our country.

This week we are featuring a very adorable moment captured by Nanahood.


Play Ball! – Throwback Thursday



MLB Playoffs are in full swing, and for those who live baseball, learning to throw a ball comes before learning the alphabet.

Young Miguel here has been supporting the San Francisco Giants all his life, and this playoff series is no different.

Which team do you root for from April to November?

throwback thursday - miguel - baseball

Sharing Family Memories

Although my husband and I are lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful family members in our lives, very few of them live close to us. My parents live a couple of hours away and my husband’s family are several states away.

We make plans to see them several times each year, but there are so many wonderful things that happen between those visits. Things we want to share with our loved ones and friends.

Today was my oldest daughter’s first horseback riding lesson.


My daughter has been wanting to learn to ride for months and finally got her first lesson this afternoon. She received the riding lessons from my parents for a birthday present and was beside herself with excitement.

My husband and I shared lots of fun photos online and through email with our family members to show how much fun our daughter was having. But it’s pretty hard to tell how a horseback riding lesson is going from just a still photo.

We want to show off and share how well our little girl did and since it was an almost 2-hour lesson, we have a lot of loooooooong videos.

We want to share videos of the lesson and we want to have them for ourselves to cherish and remember for many years to come.


Whether our daughter ends up riding horses for many years to come or whether she only wants a few more lessons, it will be wonderful to have this special day to remember.

We’ll be sending our videos to YesVideo this week and can’t wait for them to be transferred.

Once our videos have been transferred by YesVideo, we’ll be able to easily share them with family and friends and to watch them whenever we want right on our laptops. Plus, with the awesome and easy-to-use YesVideo features, I’ll be able to make shorter clips of our favorite parts of the day and can even embed the clips or make a Hallmark eCard out of them. Very cool!

I’ll be sending the horseback riding lesson videos for transfer this week, but here’s a little snippet of a previous video YesVideo transferred for me. It’s from a family trip to Hawaii way back in middle school and has been a treasure to watch again and share with loved ones.

Mickey Coutts is a mom of three young children living in North Carolina. She loves to share her family’s favorite recipes, crafts, travels and products on her Lifestyle and Parenting blog A Helicopter Mom.

Throwback Thursday: What is colorful, round, and doesn’t like to be found?

For every Easter season, I’m hidden in plain sight.
I’m yellow, green or purple, and promise I won’t bite.

I’m sometimes high or very low in different kind of places
You run on by, but fail to Stop! You missed me by 10 paces.

Just stand still and look on down, right near your very leg,
Hey it’s me! Where you thought I’d be! Your Holiday Easter Egg!

Home video courtesy of {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker from

What’s your favorite Easter tradition? We’d love to hear your story.

Sharing Special Moments with Grandma and Grandpa

Over the years my family has spread out across the country, following our individual careers and dreams. It’s different from when I was a kid. Back then a family gathering left little wiggle room in the house as all of the cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents would often gather for a meal consisting of Grandpa’s famous teriyaki wings and Grandma’s potato salad.

I know that it’s been difficult these last few years for my parents and grandparents to live so far away from some of their grandchildren. With all the many miles between us, technology and social media has allowed us to stay close. In recent months YesVideo has really helped to bridge the gap, and makes sharing special moments with Grandma and Grandpa so easy. Now that many of my family’s old video tapes have been transferred to DVD by YesVideo, it’s simple to sign into my online account and grab a share link to send to my Dad and Stepmom or to my Grandmother via email. This has proved invaluable since like many grandparents, they have not embraced Facebook.

The video snippet I shared here is one that I sent to my Dad in Florida last week via YesVideo and Hallmark Moments from the past. I love clips like this that show Grandma and Grandpa a glimpse of the grandkids doing what kids do best – just playing and having fun.

I know that Grandma Gail and Grandpa Hugh really appreciate getting the links to these videos and I love that YesVideo makes it so easy for me to share special moments with them.

Angela lives in rural Georgia where she recently became an empty nester, but now fills her time with her nieces, nephew, and two family dogs. She is a full time blogger and freelance writer who enjoys traveling, crafting, and entertaining. Angela co-writes of a family and lifestyle blog About a Mom, along with her Mom, Laura.

Don’t Miss the Magic of the Everyday

It’s too easy to miss them… The moments… The everyday moments. I miss too many. Life as a mom – especially a mom with little children – is so busy and so repetitive that I don’t press record often enough.

When I look back at this simple video of 1-year-old Julia having breakfast with 3-year-old Jackson, I’m reminded how the ordinary parts of our day need to be recorded and treasured.

This video puts me right back in that kitchen. I was likely very tired and to be honest a little bored with the morning routine. I’d been looking after Julia and Jackson since early in the morning after probably only a few hours of sleep. (I work at home and in those days I had to do most of my work during the night.)

I wouldn’t have been able to imagine a day when I couldn’t remember that highchair or Julia’s favorite yellow bib.

The seasons of their childhood change without warning and it’s almost impossible to remember the previous or imagine the next.

This video makes me desperately miss Jackson’s sweet 3-year-old voice and Julia’s adorable baby fingers, but it also reminds me that both the wonderful and the difficult parts of one season will end more quickly than I can imagine.

We need to press record.

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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Passing Down Memories

I never knew my father-in-law before the cancer. Pictures show me a large, strapping man, with red hair and a shy smile. The first time I met him was long enough after a round of chemo for him to have a short white fluff of regrowth. By the time his son and I were engaged, it was back to a faded rust that seemed more him.


We knew he wasn’t getting better by the time my fiancé and I were planning our wedding. Instead of a wedding in the church where so many of the brides in my family said “I do”, we planned something simple near the college we were both graduating from soon.

Seeing my soon-to-be father-in-law grow smaller and more tired after every session of dialysis was one of the reasons we moved the wedding up six months.

I remember the simple happiness of our rehearsal dinner. Our families drove in, and we had a barbeque dinner catered in a near-by national park. Though the wedding day was to be brutally hot (with me in a ridiculous gown like Scarlett at Twelve Oaks), the night before was the high point of food and company.

This was really the turning point for my father-in-law. By Christmas, he was not often out of his recliner. His food was pureed and bland, except for the occasional bacon, because why not.


Eight months later, the last day of February found us in a new state all grown up with our post-college jobs. The phone call still surprised us. We flew home quickly to be with his mother and help with the funeral details. I thought I had food poisoning, but a hastily purchased test showed us better news.

After we told my mother-in-law to expect someone new in the family before Thanksgiving, I’d never seen anyone look so happy. I wished I’d known one day sooner so we could have told him, so he could have known. My mother-in-law, still in her black dress, comforted me. “Of course he knows now.”

I hope he does. I hope he sees his legacy of two beautiful granddaughters and my two grown sons, whom he took into his heart right away. I remember him with praise for raising the good man I married, someone I love more now than then.

Sometimes you don’t get your own memories. Sometimes you get stories, old photos, and flickering silent films of a good man. And I think that can be enough.

Anne Parris is coffee-dependent wife and mom of four living in Richmond, Virginia. She blogs at Not A Supermom and is also one of the managing partners of the on-line magazine for midlife women,